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Wind power generator with pendulous mast

(Patents applied #22700)

Pendulous wind turbineThe wind power generator constitutes an upright rigid, pendulous mast that swing on a horizontal shaft and held in equilibrium, with counter weight suspended at bottom. The upper part the mast is fitted with a cluster of wind blades able to flip by electro mechanical means about their pivoting axes.

During forward stroke wind blades turn perpendicular to direction of wind flow creating a barrier to resist the flow of wind through the surface of upper portion of the mast and during return stroke wind blades turned along the direction of wind flow providing minimum resistance to wind allowing passage to flow though, resulting kinetic energy of blowing wind to compels the pendulum mast swing forward and backward, oscillating in harmony with the pendulum period.

Mechanical means are provided to capture swings of the mast converting reciprocating motion in to rotary motion of a shaft thereby to generate consumable electricity.

Features: Wind blades are rectangular and flat,There is no variation of oscillation period due to wind speed. Parts can manufacture without sophistication at a local machine shop. Manufacturing cost will be 1/10th of equivalent HAWT. Wind turbine can lower to ground for maintenance.



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