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Wave power generator to turn Ocean waves in to Electricity

Wave powerGenerator

Wave power is the most outstanding renewable Energy source for the future!

Solar energy, wind power & many other forms of energy sources are finally converted by nature in to rise & fall of ocean waves, for us to harness someday intelligently.The enormous energy potential of wave power is endless, yet it remains an untapped energy source.

Solar energy, wind power, and many other forms of energy sources are finally converted by nature into the rise and fall of ocean waves for us to someday harness intelligently. In contrast -The most reliable renewable energy source, still remains unutilized. Any other renewable resorce like wind power, solar power or geothermal energy are not available continuesly. Techniques used in many of wave power generators require lot of improvement to make them efficient. The energy density of wave power is higher than some other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Waves are often in irregular form . Therefore wave power is difficult to convert into electricity, and this has restricted the widespread use of wave power.

Wave power generation is a lucrative energy generating process, incorporating an offshore or onshore marine platform. The best systematic procedure to bring this power stored in sea water is to take-up the movement directly by submerged object. This never ending wave power is then capable of harnessing with the floating buoyant moored with straight rods that can slide along fixed guides.

The best systematic procedure to bring this power stored in sea water is to take-up the movement directly by submerged object.

The platforms of the wave power generating assembly, is accompanied by underwater caisson , facing an inclined surface towards the wave front containing watertight chambers. It is capable of reflecting the hydro dynamic forces of waves upwards to floats. Such an structure is preventing the coastal erosion as well. Therefore wave power plant can be built on one side of wave gatherers, also serve as breakers. The wave power plant shown here is designed to stand against the bombardment of rough wave fronts acting upon the structure from time to time.

Wave power generator ellustrated

Easy to build Wave power generator details: 1- Floating Blob facing wave front; 2- Uni-directional gear, speed up gear and electricity generator; 03- wave agitator; 04- load to prevent the device tilting (this is a vessel filled with water or sand can be easily pump out before mobilizing); 05- Floating platform floating on surface of ocean, connected to wave agitator to vary along with tidal level

Wave Power generator - How it works:

Wave Power generator

WIPO patent publication file

Uni-directional gear is capable of convert by directional motion of a shaft in to one directional motion (continues motion) of another shaft. This feature is applicable in power generation due to ocean waves. The wave power generator platform is accompanied with a floater placed against the wave front. This floater is capable of bobbing up and down along secured guides in harmony with the wave pattern to move attached rods up and down.Wave power capture device The rods are linked by a rack of gears to the uni-directional gear attached to wave power generator platform. Any way the resulting continues rotary motion is at lower speed not suitable to feed an electricity generator. A high speed gear is accompanied to this assembly before it is fed to electricity generator. The wave power plants, are constructed to stand against the bombardment of rough wave fronts from time to time. There are adjustments necessary for the platform height depending on varying wave surface level due to tidal condition. This underwater structure level is automatically adjusting according to the tidal level, along with the floating platform attached to it. It can divert the under water flow pattern and bring up the wave pressure to surface, like happened on the sea shore.Wavepower generator assembly

Waves are often in irregular form . Application of rack and pinion along with uni directional gear can eliminate this problem. But resulting out put is having a lower speed. Therefore high speed gear box is employed before it is converted in to electricity.

Such an wave power generator is a direct link mechanism, consists of a buoy, rack, and a pinion accompanied by oscillations converter providing a direct force transfer path.

The prototype is three modules consisting of a float, under water caisson, direct current electricity generator, and structural frames that are fixed to caisson and linked to a power generator and flat form. The coast presents good conditions for energy production due to its ability to reach easily other than a wave power plant installed away from sea shore. Therefore the wavepower generator may be installed some distance away from the shore where energy potential in waves is apparent and crashing onto the shore. On shuch shallow water sites the energy release is obvious and explosive, while installation also not difficult.

Energy transmitted from sun to earth is accumulating gradually, while the fossil fuel is diminishing. Without modifying the environment and its fauna to harness this energy, wave power generator is having an optimistic future for the planet earth.

Wave power generation


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