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Creator and his creations


After few years of this publication

I now understand I am almost harmonized with the nature.

I vividly remember a time when I was at school, walking along a long path and cheering for our school team. As I walked under the trees, leaves were falling all around me, and the sounds I made while cheering seemed to resonate with nature, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

In more isolated areas, I used to sing continuously for long periods of time, and the sound would echo in the background. I could hear the sky rumbling and see flashes of lightning, sometimes accompanied by a light drizzle.

At first, these experiences made me feel afraid, but upon reflection, I realized that my sounds were interacting with the natural frequencies of the environment, causing the background to vibrate in response.

I made a note to myself on 5/22/2014 that I would explore this method further in an attempt to create rain in the future.

Creator and his creations

Animals can talk with people

Animals can talk with us using their sensesWe neglect to take notice, when animals talk with us. When they talk with us we hear a person is talking from somewhere. I have experienced many animals talking with me. We know a child will be able to understand and talk when he is almost at the age two years. But animals live more than two years. HorsesCertain reptiles live 500 years. They also have intelligence. They have some way of expressing ideas between each other. They use senses to communicate with our senses, before converting them to sounds of speech. When I visited Zoo, Jungles or places where they stay in groups or individuals I hear they talk with me in my native language. When I talked to them, somebody was answering me. I do not see they move their tongues. Then it could be their senses used in communication, and we hear like they are talking in the language most familiar to us.


 Animal can communicate with usIt is my moral obligation to announce publicly that most of animals having ability to talk with people and other animals, using their senses. Trees also have similar ability to communicate with others. I am declaring this statement because I have experienced it. This phenomenon might have occurred to so many people throughout history, as you can hear from legends and religions. But we hear others talking to us using their tongues. Therefore we simply omit this phenomenon. Even we tell this situation others don't take care of it, assuming it is unbelievable.

 Animal can talk with usIf it is one incident I do not believe. When it happened many time I had to believe. I found the ability of various animals to talk with me. No matter in which country I was living. They were talking with me and response me by communicating in my native language, which is "Sinhalese". It means they are using an intelligence common to all expressions, finally we hear they talk in the language most familiar to us; that is our native language. If you read following incidents, you will realize it is not only me experienced that the animals could talk with us.

Like Binary codes converting in to texts people convert thoughts in to spoken words. Animal and trees use only thoughts to talk with others. If you go to another country where the native language is different from yours, you can hear animals and trees are talking with you using your native language. You have to develop your senses and also has to believe that they can talk with you. If children can do it why don't we do it when we grow up?

Senses are the common gesture between mankind, animals & trees. Listening to a happy news people of any nationality will smile. It is not that people belong to certain nation will smile and another will cry to indicate they are happy. Even animals are getting tears to eyes when they are sad. It means senses are the common language to all living beings.

Take an example of how children play with their pets. They talk to them, asking them various things to do. These animals follow orders. But we refrain from noticing they are talking with us; even we hear someone is answering. I am ready to perform this act if anybody is doubt of this phenomenon.

When we neglect that the animals having the ability to talk, they also may be thinking that it is useless to response to us this manner and neglecting this ability.

People have acquired most of land on earth for their own purposes and left very small space where they do not want to reach. This space left over is probably not suitable for most growth of plants and also not suitable for the existence of animal life. Animals living with people have become slaves of people. Man should spread his kindness to animals by making the left over lands available with their food and water.

I mention below several incidents out of many, I could talk with animals. Also in next chapters you will read not only animals but trees, even animal flesh, animal skins and fur also having the ability of speaking. In my past, when I experience they are talking I have ignored them assuming these are not possible, because I do not see they move their tongues while they talk. But I hear like someone staying nearby, is talking with me, probably the voice of someone known to me.

 Animal can talk with us Incident 1

I had a vegetable garden about 2 km from my home.
    This land was not protected by an exact boundary line or fence. So I had some troubles with the neighbor land owner of this area. I knew there's a snake living in that area. I usually imagining that he can understand what I talk and I was telling him to let me do my work and leave the area I am working.
One day I was clearing the weeds along the boundary of my land. I heard someone talking to me, " We are very good friends, you do your work in your land and I shall stay in my area.'
So I thought this is one of the other land owners. So I participated in this talk." I don't interfere in your area. I am clearing only my land."
    Like this conversation continued for some time. But I didn't see any body.
    While I was clearing weeds further he says “You are very close to my area."
   "No, no see the imaginary boundary; I am not invading your area."
   "Ok, you may continue." He says.
    Suddenly he says "Wait, Now. You are very closer to me."
    I stopped clearing the bushes, and I saw a brown color snake with his hood expanded, but placed it over on the ground. I was surprised.
I asked "Is it this cobra taking with me."
"Yes it is me.'
And we continued talking. I asked him. “So what are you taking as food. Frogs, rats like creatures?”
"We have other things also. They lay it and they know that we eat it. But they don't worry for it. (It should be eggs that birds are laying.) 
Although I talked with him, still I was not sure it is this cobra talking with me. So I said "OK, I want to ensure you are talking with me. Also I don't know whether you can move fast. When I count up 1, 2, 3 you show me you can run fast."
I counted 1....2.....3.........., but he did not move. Then I said, “now you run.”
Then he ran (crawl) very fast to the other end of the land and disappeared. I never has heard or seen a cobra move this fast.

I earlier said my home is about 2 Km away from this land. When I decided to go for an employment I stopped visiting this land. One day I was walking on the pathway near my home, and I saw two brown color cobras appeared on my path way. I said "Two snakes are here. What are you doing here? Please leave this area. There are small children also moving here about."
"We are not living here. We came to inform you the death of your friend."
"Is he the Cobra where I did work some time ago"?
They said “Yes. Anyway we are not worried now, I am his girl and this is his child"
"So I am very sorry for it. So how are you going back?”
"We came along the path you were walking. We are going along the same path."
And they left.
Later, one day I visited this land, and was looking at work done by me during that time. I saw two girls of the neighborhood walking across this land.
I heard someone talking to me “Look elder brother! (Addressing to me) Now I am in this girl's belly (womb)."
I found that girl was married then.
After a long time I met a group of people at the nearby city.
They recognized me. But I didn't. One guy was known to me. He talked to me “Hello brother, do you know these people."
I said "No."
"But Wait, Where is “Cobra”? (Referring to a child at the age around 5 years). You were always inquiring about the brother at paddy field. Now talk with him”
The child has come to the town with his mother. She was the girl from the family in the neighborhood of my land. (While I was visiting my land those days I have seen she was carrying water from nearby well, she leave her water carrying pot for the Cobra to drink water from it. The cobra was not harmful. Everybody knew it.)
I asked from the guy known to me, "Are you calling him Cobra?"
"Yes he wants us to call him Cobra.'
I called the child closer to me. “I am glad I met you my child. Be a very good boy and study well for your future." Further, I instructed his mother also to give him proper care.

  Some space to live 

 Animal can talk with usIncident 2

While I was employed in Emirates I came home (Sri Lanka) for a short visit. I had a recently purchased plot of land bordering highway nearly 15 Km away from my home. I wanted to do some construction work in this newly purchased land before I leave to Emirates. I had a mason in my neighborhood whose birth place was the locality of the land I purchased. His name is Gamini.
I had the construction work for about 4 days there. The mason said he can find lodging in this locality during the construction work, since this area is his birth place. So that I used to ride motorcycle daily to this place while he came to work staying in an abandoned room lend by his fellow people in this area.

During first few days he was complaining me he can listening to a voice of a woman: “Now I can't live in this area. They killed my husband also. Can you bring me away? They may kill me also now. "
So Gamini also felt sympathy on the voice of this woman. He said he feel to live with this woman. So he asked me permission also to live in this new land with her. I said I am pleased to allow him to live in this place.
Another day also he was telling me she says: “Can you keep a sack underneath of the bed. So I can get in to it. You may bring me anywhere you think safe for me. I have to give birth to my child. My only hope is the protection of my egg."
I asked him "Does the people in that area talking about any snake living there?' He said "Yes, Recently They killed a Cobra also."
I said “O.K. This can be a female cobra talking with you. When we are leaving tomorrow, we shall drop her in the jungle area of the rubber state, through which we are passing. You may keep a sack underneath your bed.'
Then the last day we are about to leave, he came with a sack, something inside it and said “OK I did that way. We shall drop this sack at the area we discussed.
So we both were leaving this area by my motorcycle. He was the pillion passenger carrying suspending the sack in his hand. On the way we reached the rubber estate. There was a hilly road we had to ride, while riding the hill we had to overtake a three wheeler moving to the same direction. When my motorcycle could not bear the two passengers on this inclined road the motor cycle felt down with two of us. I was underneath the motorcycle. Gamini how ever could jump out.
(while the motor cycle is partly over me, I heard someone talking to me. “Can I also go way now?” I was surprised and asked assuming it is Gamini “I thought you have already got out? If you didn’t get out get out now, if you are alright?”
Then he said “I am the one you brought in the sack”
I told him ”Ok you also go away, but check anything is turning about?” assuming the rear wheel or chain is still turning. He said “No”.
“Then you may run away. This is the are we wanted to leave you”.
He then said “I can’t go away. I have no strength to move”.
I asked him “Can you eat some flesh from my body without making it poisoning to me?”.
He said he can, I told him to to eat some flesh from me and run away. I wanted to make it a secret to others that I allowed a serpent to bit my body. So I immediately made myself forgotten this incident.
Now I felt a severe burning and leg being wounded. I cried to Gamini to come soon and take away the motor cycle from me. He said he cannot do it. He asked me also to get away somehow. There were two people in the three wheeled vehicle. They shouted "We shall kill him. We have petrol in the tank we'll kill him and burn."
Same time I got angry. I asked from them "You damns, How can you kill a person felt down by an accident?"
One of them said. "It is not what we are talking about. I so him clearly. He is dark black in color"
They also are from our nearby town. They advised Gamini "We don't know what will happen now."
Then they advised Gamini “You ride the bike let him be the pillion. You know what happened Don't you?” and they left in their vehicle.
Now I have a swelling due to a burn and two bleeding wound in my right leg. I told Gamini . "Let us go down a little. We shall wash this and continue our Journey."
We went little down. There's a water stream. He said "This is not a wound due to the accident. It can be a serpent bite. Any way we shall tie below the knee."
I asked for the knife and further damaged the wound.
Now the memory of bringing the cobra in a sack was in out of my mind.

When I went home I took some cotton wool and pour "Gentian violet" in to my wound. Then put the cotton wool.
This wound was giving me an enormous pain. That is the only treatment I did.
Following day I had to fly to Dubai.- Read what happened during my journey.

After I went to Dubai I did the same treatment for the following days by myself. But my pain was severe so I consulted a doctor and requested to give me an injection to relief from my pain.
Doctor looked in to my wounds and said that this is not a normal wound. It can be a snake bite. I said it is not possible. I just felt down from my motor cycle.
Any way I was being treated with an injection. After several days I was recovered. Also I used crutches to attend to my work.
After about one and half years when I returned from Dubai I traveled along this spot downwards. I saw two snakes passing across the road. I heard someone talking to me "Can you stop for a while."
I said "Yes I have to stop now. Two snakes are passing across the road."
"It is we are talking to you. We came here heard its sound (Sound of motor cycle)."
"Is it the snake talking to me?"
"Yes. It is not one now. We are two now. Are you now OK with your wounds? I was very sad of what could have happen to you. I had no other way I had to secure my egg.'
"It doesn't matter. I am recovered now. Now be careful when you are moving here. If people see you you will be in danger."

"We know how to live here."
I said "Any way I think you have no much problem from the people living in this area." (because, the state workers living here are Hindus and treating Cobra as divine.)
I have read lot of mythologies Cobra was talking with people.

 Animal can talk with usIncident 3

Subject : A talk with a crocodile, a meeting with a group of monkeys

We are forgetting that animals and other living beings can communicate with us. When they talk to us we are assuming that we are communicating with someone else.
While I worked in the State of Qatar we had to design and fabricate a structural cage for monkeys at zoo.
During this time I visited inside the galleries of various animals and I spent some time in the reptile gallery. There was a huge crocodile, kept in a rocky surrounding with glass pane for spectators to see. When I was mingle this area someone talked to me in my native language. "Why are you staying out side? Come here in to my room. This is very nice".

I was happy I met a Sri Lankan so that I can talk with him for some time." Where are you? Are you on the upper floor?" I asked. There was an upper floor also above the crocodile cage. I went up and I didn't see any body.

So I came back to the same place. Again he is calling me. "Come here. It is very comfortable here." He says. I moved to different directions and asked him “where are you?” He was addressing me to be inside to the Crocodile cage.

So I contacted the Zoo Officer. Asked him is there anybody from Sri Lanka here?
He said "No there is no body anywhere here". We both discussed it can be the crocodile. So to ensure that he told me be there again. He will ensure anybody else is visiting this way.
Again I heard the voice from the crocodile cage inviting me to come inside. It is a very comfortable place.
So we both decided this voice is from the crocodile. So he got an idea. He said "I know why he is calling you in. I have some plan. You stay there again."
He has told we don't let him (myself) completely come in to your (Alligator's) room same time. I will place him part by part inside the cage." and he left the place and told me to stay there and placed a piece of meat inside the cage.
Now I saw the crocodile having tears in his eyes. He was telling me that he was sorry for me. "You are now broken in to two. Take this piece and fix to yourself. I didn't want to make any trouble to you. I wanted to make a friendship with you."
Now I told the Zoo officer also what I heard. Zoo officer told me to tell him that we are going to expand the Zoo and ask him "Do you want a bigger room?"
I asked him. He told this space is comfortable enough for him. Zoo officer said not only we are expanding this but also add some friends to the same cage.
So the crocodile would have being happy for this information.
When these reptiles talk I don't see they move their mouth or tongue. So it should be the intelligence they are using.
They may be using this intelligence when other animals come to drink water from jungle water resources. They may be making other animals to feel the water source is safe for them to go and drink in order to catch them.
When I found I could talk with crocodile, I told Zoo officer, that I shall be able to identify the requirements of the cage from monkeys and requested him to place me inside the monkey cage for a while.

Monkey Cage
He considered my request for a while. Not the exact way you requested me. I shall arrange in some other way. After some time he brought me to a place and told me there are some guests waiting to talk with me. Go there and stay.

When I go to a certain location (like summer house) I saw a group of ladies and children are there. These ladies are wearing white color head gear like Christian nuns. And there are children wearing white color dress. The ladies are telling children "You have to behave well. There is someone visiting here. You shouldn't be naughty". They were talking in my native language. But, it is not possible to be a group of of teachers and children from my country visiting here.
When I go there the ladies were talking, "We were told, someone is visiting here. It can be you. Are you the one?"
I said "I wanted to go in to monkey cage I believe I can talk with them. So, I wanted to know how they want the cage."
"That is we, you are talking about. Don't worry about it. This place is fairly good enough for us, space also sufficient. But if you put some more rings (like tires) for these children to play it would be fine."

I told it to Zoo officer.

These are few incidents out of many incidents I have experienced. In this page and the next two pages you can read how the communication with animals taken place. These are true incidents and reader would be able to understand these are not imaginative narrations. If I do not publish these events I am guilty of not done my part of service to the world of animals.
If the reader can admit the way animals communicate with us as true, we can take many of legendary tales as true, and assume that those events had taken place in a certain way. People lived in the past have experienced the feeling of animals have taked with them, but the same time there was no witness it was the animal who taked with them.

How to talk with Animals:

With my experience I am giving you a procedure of how to talk with animals: Certain evidence prove me it is not necessary a person to be highly intelligent, but he should have developed senses relating to compassion towards other living beings. If you are trying to play a trick in order to capture them this will not work, because, it is a communication between senses of yours and animal's sense. Your compassion or anger is reflecting even without turning your thoughts in to words

      • First select some animal who lived more than 3 years; such like dog, horse, alligator, snake, cow, crow, elephant, lion.
      • Ensure that you could become friendly with the animal. If you are in a foreign country you may talk to him in your native language and see he is responding you very well.
      • No matter in which country you are and no matter from where the animal is living we are using our senses to talk with each other. You should start the talk similar to this manner : Hello, Do you know that I am your friend? I think you can understand what I am telling you.
      • I am talking to you my friend. you are now sitting near this tree. I can see you are looking at me.
      • Yes it is you.
      • Are you alone here. I can see you are looking around. (Or moving your tail) {Let him ensure you are addressing to one who is doing certain body movements or activities.}
      • If you continue this way you will hear some one is talking with you. You will not see the animal is moving his mouth or tongue. But, you can hear some one is talking with you. It is the animal you are talking with.
Author : Leelananda Jayasuriya

Last edited : On 30st Deceber 2023 by Leelananda Jayasuriya.