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Alien Invasion :  UFO encounter at Airport

16 Aug 2007 from UAE; or 22 Nov 2007 from UAE, transit Kuwait Airport Starbucks Coffee shop,

At Dubai Airport lounge we discussed what should be the plan to rescue hostages trapped in the airport. Our mission is to rescue hostages. Capturing terrorist is not our mission. Let governments make plans to do it any other time, and not at the same moment. My proposal was to use alien invasion concept.

My colloques will stay inside the airplane while I walks in to the airport. I requested to supply me with two gas cylinders in a trolley and a small control box containing switches, and let there be helicopters flying over and around the airport making a huge noise, to feel people inside the airport, an alien spaceship is over the air port.

When the plane landed I entered to the air port from transit gate. I was instructed to keep switched on my mobile. Someone at the entrance gave me two gas cylinders in a trolley. I asked what is this. He said it is  baggage for me as he was told to give.

When I enter passenger lobby I saw airport staff was on duty wearing masks. I heard a voice talking to me to leave my stuffs and come towards the other end. There were lot of passengers in the lobby. I saw some passengers bound to Europe came by KLM also. I saw the movie "Independence day was televised in Airport TV's". I wanted to talk to some one, and saw a Sri Lankan. His name was Perera. He was working in France and returning home for his vacation.  I asked him have you seen this movie before. He said it is not a movie, people are believing flying objects  over the airport sky. But it is not our main concern. We were taken as hostages. I asked him by whom. He shown me the people wearing masks.

Then I address the crowd " I have experienced  aliens visiting to earth. I can bring them here if you like. Do you like to bring them  here?" Then they said yes. I asked the terrorists also. They also permitted me. I said if you want them to bring here you have to remove your masks. They did it.

I said to crowd to Recite what I say following me.

Me : Aja Ajare!

Crowd : Aja Ajare!!

From the public address system also we heard a cracking sound then thunder gradually turned to melody repeating the same phrase. (This is the way we have planned at Dubai Airport)

We continued it several times.

Then I said " Can anybody say -Leelananda Jayasuriya"

Then it also happened. Then I said "Here I am, I came to help you, Tell me if you have any problem, I can help you"

Then the passengers said they are trapped here. Taken as hostages. 

I said "Don't worry . You all will be released. No body will be in trouble. We are sending kind of rays to neutralize all explosives and it even generates kindness and sympathy in everybody's heart. Just stay as you are it will happen in time."

Then I asked Perera is there a place for us to have some snacks or drinks. I saw "Starbucks coffee shop". I went with him to the coffee shop.  In the mean time a Sri Lanka lady passenger walked towards us. We told her to convey a massage to every body to fall asleep pretending a gas is leaking from my gas cylinders and dont wake up untill we call them. The terrorist saw this lady passenger and ordered her to go back to her place. While we two were having cofee some terrorists  came there. They talked to Perera in French. Perera told me they are asking from him what language I'm talking with him. I told him to say it is Sanskrit . He can understand it because his language is very closer to Sanskrit.  Then they said they also need a help from me, that they want to run away from this place. I told them to change their dress and leave this place as the first group of people who could escape from the terrorists.

After they leave the Airport started to function normal and I was permitted to land at CMB.

This air port could be Muscat . But I checked in internet. It don't have a Starbucks coffee shop.When our mission set at Dubai Airport I was told that "We are usually flying to Muscat. But this time we are flying to Kuwait."

22 Nov 2007 permitted to land at CMB;


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