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Animals having ability to talk with people.

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Note: The creator gave life and eternity to all lives on earth for them to live in harmony with others. His creations should obey the rules set forth on earth for existence of all lives.

Certain unusual events taken places at various instances during the journey of my life. I also had to ignore these events for these were beyond explanation. But when I observe these events carefully, I had to believe there is a reality we cannot interpret the significance with normal observations. These events were giving evidence that the animals having the ability to communicate with other animals and also they can turn their thoughts in to expressions in words that people can understand. They do not use their tongues or mouth to talk, but they use senses to talk. If we have the ability to awaken this mental state, we be able talk and understand them.

Following incidents also are some examples that other organisms having the ability to communicate with us, although these are not explained with the laws of physics.

Cobra can singCobra can sing

In my previous web page I stated I had a vegetable garden and a cobra living there. I had a small hut built there and some nights I was staying there to protect my cultivation from wide boars. I used to bring a portable radio with me and listerned to songs broad casted during midnight. There was nobody this area except me, around 1.00AM -2.00AM. I listerning to the following song (embedded) that is one of my favorite and I sang along with the broadcasting.

(Meaning :

After I listerned to the song and swithed off the radio I heard some one talking to me. "Listern brother, Your sister can sing very well. Now listern to her voice." and I heard this song repeated nicely. I noted that if I made any mistake while I sing this song that also repeated. With this and several similar cases I have to admit snakes having the ability to register voices like done in tape recording and repeat it.The cobra was living with a she cobra also.

(Once, I was among a people gathering for a snake charmer demonstrating snake dance. He told to the gathering that people may not believe if he says, his snake can play the flute. People asked him how. If he keeps his snake inside the basket he said he sometimes hear snake playing his flute. He further said the snake can cry like his child as well. When the cobra cry they give him milk, and when he play the flute they give him an egg, he said.)

We can find a biological reasoning to this behavior. Snakes having the ability to repeat the sounds that their prey makes, misleading the sound is from a mate and will not think of any danger.


Ocean of lifeCorel garden

Once, myself with our family members went on a long distance tour for 3 days. On the last day we went to corel reef at down south Hikkaduwa. We hired a boat to see corel reef. .The boat crew consisted 3 people. This was a great amusement to me. When the boat moved to the see I spoke to the sea, and addressed to habitats in the ocean saying that we came to see them.

After some time I heard someon giving me an advise, not to eat what some one will offer me. If we eat it we will be dead.

I thought this could be a plot of the boat crew members. I asked my sister did we bring any snacks. She said yes. I told her I heard one of the a good person of the boat crew told me not to eat what they will give us. So, we shall take out our snacks and eat for them also to see. Then she opened the bag, taking out our snacks. We shared it with boat people also, and told them we will not eat what they will give us, and not to worry for it.

Then I heard a voice asking me "Are you inside the box like thing.?"

I said "We are on the boat, may be it is having a shape like box."

Then some body said "We will rescue you. We will upturn the boat"

Now we experienced an abnormal tilting of the boat. The boat crew also saying something is happening unusual. I advised them to stop the boat. I told them what I heard. They told me " Who is down on sea. See". We saw a huge turtle.

When I addressed to ocean lives they could hear that a friendly living being is talking to them. They advised me not to eat the bait  placed on fishing rod. Latter they thought I was being captured and inside the boat. They, then tried to upturn the boat to rescue me.

After understanding what has happened I again addressed to sea habitats, that we came by boat on a friendly tour to see them. There could be a misunderstanding. We love you all wonderful creations. Please give us a show. Then after some time I heard " Now wait there. We are showing you a procession."

We saw so many beautiful fish moving under our boat where there was a glass pane fitted underneath.


Fish in her Aquarium

Recently I visited my aunt’s home, in Negombo. Her daughter’s house also built nearby. When I move freely on my aunt’s garden, I heard the voice of her daughter calling me. “Dear elder brother, Please come here. See how we are living here. There are three of us.”
I replied to her voice.” OK Manju (her name), I’ll come little later. Just now I came here.”
Then I went to my Aunt and told her “Manju has just called me to come and see them. “
She said “Manju might have not come yet, might have gone to bring back her children from Montessori.”
I replied “I heard she was calling me. Anyway I shall go and see. Otherwise it is not fair.’ and I went to her house. But the doors were close Nobody was there.
After some time I went to her home again. She welcomes me with surprise. I told her “Why did you call me some time ago. I came here. But the doors were closed. She laughed and said that she didn’t call me. I told her “You said there are three of you.”
“I came back just now, and also we are not three, but four?
"Then who told me to come and see three of you?"
“Then it can be these ornamental fish (of large size) She shown me her indoor garden and three fish. It is amazing

Shark trapped in Dockyard

During the construction of Colombo dry dock, I was working for the consulting Engineering group M/S T.F. Burns & Partners of U.K. The contractor was M/S Kajima Corporation of Japan.
At this reference time of the dry dock abutment for gates was almost completed. While I was inspecting the work, I went over the cell structure of the abutment. I was alone and observing wave pattern of ocean waves how they collide on piers. I heard a voice of a man who seems to be trapped inside concrete structures, evidently being trapped inside some cell, now cannot be escaped. I thought this was a construction labor who could not come out after pouring concrete. He was sayng " Is there any body to help me to come out of this. I am being trapped inside here. Please help me". After I hear it clearly for several times I went to Kajima corporation site office and called for an engineer to come with me, and see someone trapped inside structural cells.
An engineer came with me and I told him that I can hear the voice from this area and I shown him. Then he peeped inside the void space and inspected using the powerful torch. He got an smile in face and told me. "Yes, there is someone inside. We will take him out, but not now. It is a shark large and black."
I told him, "Let us free him."
"No he can't go out of this cell; we have to take him with the help of others, at another time." He said with the intention of catching the shark. Then we turned back to our places, but I was sorry for the shark being catch since he was talking with me.
It was morning session. The sea was on low tide. Evening it will be up tide. I went to this location in the evening, and talked with the voice. I told him now the people may come to catch him. So try to go out of the cell. He tried several times and said he cannot go out of it. Then I said when wave is coming in to the cell try to move on the direction that the wave is coming. He said that he can try that and found he escaped.


To hear animals talking with us, first we have to believe that they can talk with us. From my childhood I have talked with animals and trees I met, assuming they all have life and spiritual existence. I didn't care what would be the outcome, but I did it. After so many incidents now I can to tell my readers that it is possible to communicate with animals and trees. Also they can help you when you are in distress. They are having life with the ability of communicating with others. Also they have the ability of thinking.

Not influence by previous belief I winessed and experience that not only human and animals but also inanimate objects like plants, minerals, and fire possess souls endowed with various degrees of consciousness. Improving of your soul is the purpose of living. It can be done doing good acts

Please read the e-book for more details on this topic


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Author : Leelananda Jayasuriya

Last edited : On 30st Deceber 2017 by Leelananda Jayasuriya.