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New definitions

           There's a small plot of land belong to us by the road side. On the other side it was my mother's sister's home. During my vacation of abroad I came home and I wanted to level the ground on this land to construct a garage building. I contacted several workmen, to level the ground, but the rate they quoted was too high. So I decided to do the ground leveling by myself.

         Early in the morning I wanted to start my work. There were few weeds grown over new soil and also I saw two eggs smaller than the chicken eggs (somewhat like Iguana eggs) also lay hidden among the weeds. I have to place these eggs somewhere else, if I have to level the ground. This could be a problem to me if I place them at another place the mother of eggs would sometimes not be able to find them. Same time I saw one egg being cracked, about to hatch.
       So I got an idea, and addressed to eggs. " Good day to you all children, those who are under shells. It's is a nice day for you all to come out and see the world. This world is a beautiful place. See how wonderful place it is !"
       When I talk like that I heard someone talking to me. "I have already come out, but I crept inside again.. I don't know about the other guy." And I saw small one coming out of the cracked egg. Then little later other egg also got cracked and came out the other. I heard someone saying "I was just staying inside, felt bit lazy to come out."
     Then the two of them were running towards bushes. "We can't wait any more, We need some food". I assume the Iguana mother has hidden some food at a near location for them to eat after they come out.




While I was in Doha Qatar mine and my next door friend 's (Pradeep is his name) diner on some days was Shawarma. There was a popular spot for Shawarma. He suggested me to visit this place, by his car. There was a complete body of a lamb hanging from the top ready for the serving piece by piece of it. There are two type of shawarma available at this quick food restaurant. Chicken Shawarma and mutton shawarma. I usually order Chicken Shawarma. My friend got shawarma roll, and when it is my turn someone is telling me "wait wait you will get your share next time"

Every time I try to get a chicken shawarma. The voice was telling me to wait I will get my shawarma next time. It happened long time keeping me waiting for long time. Finally my friend asked me what I am doing without getting my shawarma. I told someone is telling me to wait and I will get it next time. This looks like an injustice to me , and tears also come in my eyes. Finally I asked for a mutton shawarma and when I received a mutton shawarma, the voice made a relief talk finally you got it.

It is surprising that flesh in large quantities also having ability of speaking. Very recently year 2012, I was walking along the main road. There was a meat stall hanging all animal pig's meat.
When I was walking near the meat stall I heard a voice, "This is very nice meat. take some of it, go and eat it"
Then I approached the shop owner and told, "Dear Merchant, Sorry I usually don't eat pork."
He told me, "Who told you to buy meat from me. I didn't. I don’t mind weather you buy it from me or not. I can sell this without any problem."

What I am telling the reader is that large size animal body displayed for food also can talk. This includes fish also. They market their flesh themselves, for the consumer to take away and eat it.

The animals, breaded for food know that one day they have to sacrifice their body for food. On the other hand, animals breaded in livestock’s can live without fear unlike in the jungle, they were given enough food and after letting them to live long time and also participating in future generation of their community using them for food being a mutual understanding between the animal and man.

Leather products & Fur

Ones I rented a room in suburbs, and living alone in this room. To prevent mosquito biting I sometimes wear my shoes and go to sleep. At midnight and towards dawn I could hear some procession is coming towards me, or sometimes I can feel that the religious procession is carrying me with them. I wake up and look around, but I cannot see any physical indication. Then I was really worried, whether I am a mad person. I consulted a doctor saying that I hear the sound of a procession. But it is not happening in reality. I asked the doctor whether I am a mad person, or am I being drugged by some body. The doctor was a Hindu. He then phoned someone and inquired from somebody about similar cases. Then he asked me whether I hear it when I wear leather shoes. I said yes. He told me to come another day also and asked me to listen carefully to what I hear. When I did so, I heard the saying " Haro hara! haro hara!! ". So when I went to meet the doctor next time I told about it. Then he said I should not worry. It is because I hear it when I wear my leather shoes. This pair of shoes is from a skin of male cattle that was drawn in a religious procession.
Another incident :
At Negombo city (Sri Lanka) I saw a very nice pair of shoes on display at a pavement vendor. It was very fashionable, and new; hard to believe it would sell second hand, I found it was a pair of Italian shoes and probably left it by a tourist. I inquired the price and found it was very cheap and I bought it. To try it whether it fit to my feet I changed in to it keeping my other pair of shoes in the bag. It was evening. I could hear people are cheering and shouting like a singer gone to the stage for performance. I was completely upset with what happened. I was doubted whether someone has drugged me. I was quite sure this happened when I was wearing this pair of shoes. For this abnormal situation I removed the pair of shoes  and wear my familiar pair of shoes. 

I have similar incidents with clothes & carpets made out of animal skin. This gives some clue why some people prefer to collect or wear products made with animal parts.

It means animal skins also can act like living beings.

Movies & Recording :

I can remember when I watch famous movies such as Anaconda, Big bear, The Shark, some movies used reptiles and elephants, I can hear these animals sometime talking like they have realized that they were to participate in the movie and also they will not undergo any danger while they participate in actions with people. I didn't state this situation in this publication until now, because usually the recording for the movies were done at a different occasion. But why I hear they are talking? It is because these signals are not related to sound but they could be senses. So that the senses and expressions would have being associated with captured picture frames.



I have experienced that, animals and trees can talk with us. They use senses to communicate with our senses and we hear like they are talking in the language most familiar to us. No matter in which country I was living, they talk to me in my native language. Further I have experienced that I can do miracles like creating rain, creating fire, barring shoot out, making availability of any announced person by the audience. So I believe I am a representative of the glory of the creator, the supreme god whose definition not fully explained by any teaching.

I have certain evidence that there would be other life status beyond physical life existence that we cannot locate physically in a three dimensional or two dimensional forms. They are capable of controlling human activities and also world activities. Therefore in addition to our normal activities we should offer our respect, faith and devotion to those heavenly beings thereby we'll be getting support for things that are beyond our control.
Religions are developed for centuries and are accepted certain standards of moral practice. If we are born belong to one religion and we are analyzing certain practices in another religion are not morally acceptable for our activities and belief. Therefore the best thing is to accept the ethic code most common to all religions and worshiping all religion, the way you can do it and not the way the rules were set forth.

What we should do during our life




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