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Black holes are not only swallowing objects from the surrounded galactic disc, but astronomers have observed black holes dispose jets of particles.

All that water that makes up the outer system came together during the solar system’s birth. Clouds of interstellar gas and dust collapsed toward a local gravitational high point - maybe a comet that got a little bigger than the rest of a nebula’s comets - and started the birth of the solar system:Most of that material immediately fell into what would be the sun, but some had a little left over rotation that let it go into orbit and began settling into planets, moons, comets, and asteroids.

Explanation: The deepest hole ever bored into the Earth was bored by the Russians. They got 7 miles into the Earth’s crust. Nowhere near the mantle, let alone the core. What stopped them? Pressure. Even hard rock will flow like a liquid when under as much pressure as it is 7 miles down. Their drill bits kept getting stuck, so they ultimately gave up and capped the bore hole off.

Our universe can be such an emission from a super massive black hole of an unaccounted universe. The direction of movement of these objects is perpendicular to the galactic disk of this black hole. Originated from the black hole core, a bright stream of stellar debris are moving away from it. These emissions consists interstellar clouds of dust such as nebulas consisting hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. While the black hole spins, it consumes stars in the stellar disc around it. When it can’t withstand the pressure inside it eject stellar gasses perpendicular (but with shallow angles) to its galactic disk.

TornadoWhen these objects move away from the gravitational region of the black hole they are trying to unify again to form planets stars, clusters and galaxies.

Therefore it is possible our universe is an emission of a super massive black hole of an unaccounted universe. Emission closer to the black hole are nebulas at the distance it forms clusters of stars and galaxies. If such black hole does not exist at present, it might have now evaporated according to Hawkins's theory.

The development of universe is similar to action of a tornado that contact with surface of the Earth.

Super massive black hole emmision

The Big Bang is explained using the astronomical observations of signals and rays receiving in our direction. We cannot detect radiation going in to the galaxy, or outwards from us, because the devices developed to observe astronomical objects are based on the reception of light, heat or electromagnetic radiation in to the observer. Even the human eye is made to observe light signals coming towards eye.

Human knowledge based on signals & data coming towards observer. But there can be signals going towards objects in space that attract both particles and rays. These can be dark matters as known by astronomers and scientists.

Our universe could have turned from infinitely small particles in to materials and then in to gravitational bodies.

All the celestial bodies are spiraling and absorbing in to the center of each galaxy. Same way each planetary system is spinning around the stars. Each star attracts planets orbiting around them including our sun.

This is how we can reason the evolution of universe from small particles in to large gravitational bodies, assuming gravitation attract all particles together. When small particles attracted by larger particles space between planetary objects appears to be expanding, since they absorb by larger gravitational bodies.

While celestial bodies attract each other smaller bodies absorb by larger ones and lose their identity. Therefore space between two particles looks like the universe is expanding since the smaller particles absorbing in to larger ones. The American astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble observed the phenomena of universe expanding in 1925.


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