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Aircraft propulsion by magnetic levitation

Introducing a more efficient and safer method for flying using magnetic levitation ! A method to take off and land without runaway and airport!! An aircraft capable of landing in a state of emergency!!!

Aircraft navigation system comprising reciprocating wings mounted on armature of linear motors


The wings are made horizontal and flat consisting cluster of slats, able to turn in vertical and horizontal directions electromechanically. The slats turn vertical allowing air to pass though shutters-acquired space during the upward stroke and the slats turn horizontal preventing air pass across space covered by slats during downward stroke. So that, the aircraft lifts in sky against the gravitational force, pulling air downwards. The propulsion system is powered by electricity generators coupled with gas power generators installed in the air craft.

Wings are capable of tilting forward, backward, right and left by small angels to control direction and latitude


21- fuselage, 23- wings, 24-gas turbines with electricity generators, 27- linear motors

aircraft magnetic levitationAn arrangement is made to minimize overall size of the aircraft by installing two linear motors one over the other proving pair of wings attached to each linear motor armeture such that, two armetures are working in opposed directions. The energy of wind can transform in to pressure on a surface. The wind pressure acting on the surface can creates a force. Similarly, it is found, a heavy object such as aircraft can lift in air using the dynamic energy of moving air by transforming in to force.
In calculations, wind pressure is given by the equation:, where V is the speed of wind in miles per hour (mph). The unit for wind pressure is pounds per square foot (psf). The pressure 'P' acting on a surface area 'A' can be given by F=P.A, where F is the force generated by wind pressure.
Similarly moving a flat surface at high velocity, the air resistance can create driving force of the flat surface against air. For an example, using the aforementioned equation it is found moving a wing having surface area of 170 Sq. ft. at a speed of 200 mph, an object weighing around 50 Tons can be lift in sky. The weight of an average aircraft with payload is around 50 tons.

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(Patents applied- 22081 SL)

Also we developed an electromagnetic thuster capable of navigate in sky.

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