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Another electricity generator - for low speed input & miniature parts

In many applications mechanical input of rotary power is available at low speed. So that their is a necessity of a power generator itself capable of generating higher number of revolutions to geneate electro-magnetic induction.



Planetary carrier is used in this electricity generator to produce higher rpm. Change in the magnetic field of a coil of wire will cause an electromotive force to be induced in the coil.

This device can produce higher magnetic induction field within a smaller accommodation of conductor material and magnetic materials.

Therefore this can be an economical and versatile alternative electrical machine converting mechanical power of water wheel in to electrical power. This type of power generator saves the expense of winding of a large rotor and stator, also resulting reduction of the weight of rotor and stator that will be easy for maintenance as well.
This is equally applicable in wind turbines to produce higher r.p.m in the electricity generator. The gearing links propeller shaft to the electricity generator.

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Author : Leelananda Jayasuriya

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