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Mysteries of the universe Explained:

Why planets are spinning How stars were born How universe is formed Why the galaxy is in disk shape Earth & Life existence Cause for hurricanes & Tornados How volcanoes & magma formed.

How does a Star is born

We can find explanations to all activities take place in the universe, by taking as starting point "Universe was a cloud of dust in the beginning, acquired a three dimentional space."

Due to interactive gravitational force these tiny particles are pulling towards each other to become larger objects . Same time, the space between existing particles are expanding, because these particles have absorbed the nearby particles, also they move at different directions due to interaction with nearby celestial bodies. Therefore, in order to form gravitational bodies including solar systems and galaxies, while expanding the universe, a sudden explosion such as a big bang is not required. A cloud of dust can do by itself.universe









Why planets are spinning

Due to attraction between two specks of dust, a larger particle could be born. Developing the size of this object, it gradually increases to the size of a planet. Even if the first particle in not spinning, when it attracts another particle in to it, the combination of two particles start spinning due to the conserved by the impulse generated during the collision.

When stellar objects collapse on each other while they are moving on different directions, they finally become one object with some angular momentum causing rotational movement around its own axis. This is the reason that stars & planets spinning.

Solar system

Aa shown in the figure, any asteroid "B" influenced by a larger planet "A" also can attract by a planet"C", orbiting around "A", but due to its already attained velocity it can orbit around the planet"C" following the axis of rotation.

Accordingly any orbital path of a planet is not a perfect ellipse.

Evaluation of universe

How the universe was formed?


1. How the planets were born

2. How stars were born

When the size of this planet develops to a star attaining stronger gravitational pull, the particles falling on it directly collide with the planet at a very high velocity. Also there can be instances these particles collision trigger nuclear fusion attacking itself, producing heat, light, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, and other forms of radiation. After a nuclear fusion starts, it can continue consuming neighboring particles also. This will be the birth of a star. Any asteroid not coming directly to attack will spin around the star and orbiting round it to become a planet. Thus the stars are fuelled by asteroids in the beginning and continuing as a nuclear reactor.

This is the formation of our sun. The sun turns around itself while planets move around the axis of rotation of sun, on a plain perpendicular to the axis of rotation. If the orbit of any planet differs from this plane, it is in the early stage of its entrance to the sun's orbit. Therefore due to attraction between particles and resulting angular momentum planetary systems and the galaxies can form only in disk shape with spiral arms. Therefore the final result of a massive dust cloud is a galaxy of disk shape.

(If we look at the sky during night, we can see so many stars spread in the sky disorderly manner. This is because we are staying within the stem of the spiral of a galaxy, usually know as Milky Way)

Evaluation of universe

The same way we can deduce, that the galactic center is a massive object spinning about its axis, that even absorb light rays and we cannot observe its behavior and size. The whole galaxy is gradually absorbing in to it.

When we generate a vortex in a particles suspended fluid medium the particles follows a spiral path. The suspended particle in a fluid shows winding up behavior around the center of rotation. Due to absorption into galactic center our solar system may be subjected to shrinking.

Causes for Hurricanes and Tornadoes :

At an instant when the atmospheric particles are equally distributed and calm a spinning action take place around the central particle of the calm region in the sky, due to the attractive forces between atmospheric particles. Attraction between atmospheric particles ultimately results high velocity between these particles and attraction towards the vortex center. Then vortexes are born around the center resulting tornados and hurricanes. When the particles cannot hold at the center any more, the center collapse and turn to a direction where the gravitation act on these particles.


Thus the calm sky is the cause to initiate this winding effect ultimately turning to a destructive natural disaster. We can prevent hurricanes and tornadoes by bombarding with explosions and fireworks to the central core to disturb this occurrence.

Evaluation of universe

Atmosphere consists of gases and water vapor. These molecules move between each other in all directions. If the outwards derivative component of this force is greater than the gravitation force it will leave to space. This manner gaseous particle including water vapor can stay around a planet only if it is having a specific gravitational force. This is the reason that water vapor cannot stay over the moon surface.

Evaluation of universe

Our planetary System

Sun & Earth Comparison

Long time ago earth was moving in an orbit further away the sun. Then the amount of heat received from the sun was lesser than the heat receiving on earth at present. There are evidences about snow ball earth before 2.3 millions year and some scientists believe " Earth was once completely covered by ice." That time temperature over earth could be at freezing point.
One thing we know for sure, that long time ago moon was very close to earth and gradually it has moved away from earth. So that, the moon could be another planet travelling in space attracted by earth's gravitational force and there could be a period moon was hovering over the earth.

Due to the impact of moon, earth has cracked and generated cavities forming volcanoes as well as deep ocean trench. Thus the region of impact known as "Ring of Fire" was formed by many volcanoes in the rim of Pacific Ocean.

After this collision earth and moon has come closer to sun. Then the water has melted from ice status to water and partially evaporated to atmosphere forming clouds, ocean and lands.

Evaluation of universe

Earth & Life existence

earth & moon.jpg (26525 bytes)

When the water has melted from ice status to water and partially evaporated to atmosphere forming clouds, ocean and lands, the life in ocean has partly domiciled to land, and life on land both animals and trees continued its evolution.
When moon has collide with earth it has bounce back in to space by creating a rotational couple between moon and earth moving nearer to sun, while revolving around the sun.
Thereafter, during the evolution of life on earth another large meteor impacts occurred during the Jurassic Period destructing a part of living beings.

Afterwards another large meteor impacts occurred during the Jurassic Period destructing a part of living organism.

Earth consists of two layers of fluids. The first fluid layer is water in ocean and rivers while the other fluid layer is  atmosphere. Life exists in both fluid layers.

Life on earth has to fulfill certain conditions to performance as living beings:

For the existence of life on earth there are certain essentials including:

Water, sun light/heat, oxygen,  gravitation.

All above are the essentials for life on earth.

If any life existence is found outside earth able to manipulate by itself and having intelligence that can be different from life make up form on earth. (Possibilities of such life existence may be having super natural abilities such as:  Do not need to breath, No life cycle prevailing.   No need of comfort by physical contact with another. This could be the mythical existence terms of heaven or any other worlds.)

volcanic eruption

How do Volcanoes, lava and magma formed?


During formation of a planet, it attracts meteoroids and asteroids into it at indefinite intervals and the planet grow in size gradually. When the size & the mass of the planet is increasing, gravitational drag towards the center grow higher and higher. The particles towards the inner core of a planet are then subjected to higher gravitational pull and inter molecular movements are confined. All the particles of a body are subjected to intermolecular translational and rotational movements consistently.

Therefore these particles getting warm up due to the friction between each other and finally melt due to heat generated by the friction between these particles under high pressure. They collide on each other to generate heat to melt rock in the form of geothermal energy and the molten rock become magma, the fluid molten rock.

As we know small planets like moon does not have eruption of lava, because it doesn’t have sufficient gravitational thrust of inner core materials to form lava and erupt as magma.

When you pile up materials such as sand, grain or anything consisting small particles, you can experience a higher temperature towards the interior bottom of the heap of materials, when you explore in to it.

We can experience this increase of heat when we dig pits on earth or bore a hole on ground. I was engaged in boring foundations to high rise building in several occasions. The earth and rock samples below the depth 20 meters or more are coming with high temperature smokes.

This is the same phenomena of the interior of a planet getting hot with molten lava due to heat generated by confined materials inside the core of the planet. Any other energy source is not required to generate lava inside a planet. Due to irregularities experienced over the planet surface and even inside of it, these molten liquid can come to the surface from time to time as volcanic eruption. Smaller planets do not have this ability of generating molten liquid material inside of it; for they don’t have much load to exert higher pressure to confine movements of particles.

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