Machine working like man

The operational skill remains with man. It is not independent from man control and work like horse elephant, camel or bull.

Every person or every household may posses a general purpose humanoid.

When there's a work involved dirty, dangerous or dull, man can use his machine to do the work

Especially in construction sites and where heavy loads has to transfer from place to place.

This new technology of replacing human labor but using the human skill in operating a machine, we designate as humanoid.

Humanoid technology may replace human muscle, and increased the value of human effort and accuracy, but not the man’s senses and brain.

Type of activities that can perform by humaniod (He)

  1. He can lift and transport and store heavy loads that cannot do by man, or not good for the human health
  2. He can be your gardner
  3. He can be the farmer or laborer at work place
  4. He can travel on difficult terrains carrying loads
  5. He can do construction work such as excavation, earth compacting, steel binding, masonry work wall plastering, floor rendering etc
  6. He can work tirelessly long hours
  7. He can work at unpleasant circumstances and hazardous environments.

Humanoid may be operated by mounting on it or remotely.