Passenger elevator system with separate sheave for counter weight

Space saving elevator system

Human travel & transport on land is of two kinds. It is on roads on horizontal plane and moving vertically using elevators and escalators.

New technology for passenger lift is having a separate sheave for counter weight. Elevator car and the counter weight are suspended on separate sheaves attached to the same shaft, driven by traction motor. While the rope of the lifting elevator wind around the sheave attached to elevator, the rope of the counter weight is unwinding the sheave on same shaft and vice versa.

This system prevents the risk of having a lengthy rope winding over many pulleys. Further it is having the advantage of space saving and the elevator traction system is simplified.


Separate sheave for counter weight

With this arrangement traction motor can place at a horizontally shifted location Passenger elevatorminimizing the space required for machine room

While developing inclined conveyance innovator encounted a new cable arrangement for passenger elevators.Published on 14 Februaty 2012

With this system traction motor can easily position at shifted location instead of placing it above the elevator car. The cable run from the elevator may passes through a sheave hanging from top of the elevator well and extended to a horizontally shifted location where the cable is wounded around the drive drum. Another pulley hanging on the elevator well is carrying the counter weight is attached to anther drum on the same shaft of traction motor to wind in opposite direction.

This type of elevator also equipped with safety mechanisms, a governor to controls the elevator speed , emergency brakes that grip the elevator guide rails, door interlocks.

Thus counterweight reduces the weight the motor must lift and ensures that the elevator cannot fall out of control while the cable is intact.
Guide rails, switch ramps, service ladders, governor, controller, and other equipment are mounted in to the system, with the motor connected to the elevator by cable and pulleys.
The elevator and governor cables are strung and attached, the electrical connections completed, and the controller programmed.


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