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    The 'creation' and the Creator

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    The oneness or the singularity is the mark which all things we experience rise from, and eventually fall back into.

    We designate this singularity as him (the creator).

    Creation generated imbalance. Imbalance generated flow. Creator existing and he controls the flow. The flow is in form of motion, radiation or any thing else that can be percieved by our senses or not.

    There is no beginning or end to existence of creator.

    Creator's existence does not involve time. Therefore the cause for the existence of the creator is un-derivable. Creator, creation and existence of creator are entirely scientific and logical. What is lack is human sense for the definition.

    Creator generated energy in the form of light, heat, magnetism and other forms.

    Creator disturbed energy levels by motion and created matter. Any radiation emits from his creation, it should come back to the original creation. Therefore nothing can move into infinity since there is no infinity, and everything bounded within himself (The creator). The ultimate creator's oneness is absolutely unquestionable. He is the Supreme being.

    Creator can create as well as abolish his creations and bring back to tranquility to retain within him. Creator is the center of intelligence. Creator has chosen human being as most suitable soul to perceive the identity of creator.

    Compared to size of the creation of universe, size of our planet is very small. But the wisdom on this planet is tremendous, compared to other creations.

    fingerAll matters are spots of energy. Quantum theory explain the nature of sub atomic particles, and behavior of availability of particles as different energy levels.

    When two magnetic objects have like poles facing each other, the magnetic force pushes them apart. If you hold two magnets close, facing like poles each other you will feel   some solid material is available in between the two poles.  This is the same kind of feeling when you touch a solid. Since all materials are spots of energy, the molecules of materials exert repulsion forces on your fingers to prevent fingers moving towards the said material any further. It is the same phenomena when light falls on this material, that prevents penetrating light rays in to it and we can see it as an object.

    So we can reason why, we cannot penetrate a finger through a steel or any solid block.

    It is because the materials of solid repulse the finger.

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