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Multi storey car park: A robotic parking solution for parking and storing cars.


New technology for multi storey car parking is having an inclined hoist way to lift automobiles to desired parking floor. This method found to be the least over all energy consuming parking arrangement of multi storied car parks or robotic car parks.

Inclined conveyance offers the advantage of pulling over lifting!

Lifting an automobile consume lot of energy.

  • If it is a multi storied parking garage, the car owner should bear the cost of lifting the car. Since the drive way to upper floors is always changing its direction, the car driving upwards losses its momentum Therefore the multi storied car parks with drive way cannot obtain the benefit of driving on an inclined straight drive way.
  • If it is any other type automatic, or robotic car park the car is lifted directly upwards and the cost of lifting the automobile will be charged from the car owner.

The inclined plane is the type of simple machine most popular to lift objects to a direction desired by the user. The amount of energy used to lift and object is lesser with the aid of an inclined plane than by just lifting alone. In many applications we find inclined lifting consume lesser energy than vertical lifting. Therefore inclined conveyance is more economical. In case of the car owner  prefer not to drive the car in to the parking lot, this system adopts pallet trucks to bring the car in to the desired parking lot and then bring back to the customer.

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This elevated car parking system is

  • less complicated, 

  • lesser maintenance and operational cost,

  • Lesser construction cost

This elevated parking system having a hoist way, comprise of rails held on two structural beams at same inclination, connected with the building structure. Therefore the elevator travels along the rail track extending though multiple of parking floors between top most and the lowest parking floor including the loading station.
The elevator is driven on wheels along rails, so that, the weight of the elevator and load will be distributed on rails, while the elevator is driven due to traction imparted by the cables secured to the top of the elevator.
While the elevator that carries the car is ascending by the traction motor, counter weight is descending in an unwinding pulley driven by the same motor. The counter weight is placed in the same inclination along another parallel railing system.

The elevator platform is maintained in horizontal position, for the automobiles to drive in and out the elevator by the driver, when it reaches the designated floor. A close tolerance is maintained between the elevator platform sill and the sill of open space of the floor in hoist way at any floor, serving as a drivable access to parking spaces on the required floor.

Pallet trucks are used to transport automobiles to parking lots when car owner want to leave the car for parking staff to store. Car is loaded to pallet truck ( Fork lift) at the receiving station and the car loaded on pallet truck is brought on car lifting trolley to leave the the car at designated parking lot.

Forked wheel truck

With inclined conveyance you are getting the advantage of pulling over lifting!


While developing inclined conveyance innovator encounted a new cable arrangement for passenger elevators. Click here to read more on passenger elevator.

Our car parking methods involve application of electromagnetic thrusters also.

Visit twin inclined conveyance to read more. PatentsGranted in Sri Lanka 15086

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