Abu Dhabi Air port

Date : 11 July 2006 or  27 Dec. 2006,

Abu Dhabi Air port capture by an armed group.

Mission set at Doha airport.

At Doha Airport passengers destined via Abu Dhabi Airport were told the flights were cancelled via  Abu Dhabi Airport due to the reason that the airport was captured by an armed terrorist group and the passengers  were detained inside the airport as hostages.

I informed the airport authorities that I can rescue hostages if I am being given a chance to do so. So we set our plan by forming a Team comprising the author, Airport authorized officer from Doha Airport, and a leading member from passengers, and volunteering passengers.

We were to pretend our plane is on air after taken off from Doha Airport and needed to land at Abu Dhabi airport. Leaving part of the team in our airplane we go into the airport with our luggage. The luggage consisting dynamite attached 11 bags, pretended to be explosive packages. We could obtain explosives from construction team at Doha airport. After we entered our baggage has taken for scanning. My brief case was taken for scanning several times, due to report by rumor among the just landed passengers that there is a bomb in my possession. Finally they asked me to tell where the bomb is. The passengers shown all the bags we brought in attached explosive devices are as mine. Then I said that it is not only me, but we all are a team came to assist you. We actually didn't know you are the terrorist group or airport staff, and we recognized two teams. We told them we came in, to support the armed group, found that they would need support from another. The Airport officer of our team joined baggage checking crew desk then. We are told to go and sit at an area near the cafeteria it is upper floor.

 Our tactic was twofold to work one way or the other.

We found the airport dome air smell so bad and wanted some air freshners. After some time, part of our team visits the duty free shops & drug stores. The drug store was in combination of wine the store. We asked for the oldest wine bottle, and dropped it on floor to break it.  Also we wanted to pretend we are in control the behavior of the crowd. So we pretended we are adding some drug to air fresheners and we asked one person to come from each group. Removed the cap of each airfreshner and pretended adding some drug in to it. We advised them to spray on everybody, so that the smells will go. Same time we passed a massage to them when the spay in inhaled, due to the added type of drug their behaviors being turned abnormal, such like doing yoga, changing dress in front of others and lunatic manner, and their behaviors  will be able to control by us only.

•We find amitriptyline (tranquilizer) and pretend it as a drug to boost courage. We get a stethoscope and a doctor’s coat from the drug store staff. Pretended doctor offer treatment to few selected patients and instruct them what has to do. We gave amitriptyline to armed group to boost their courage.

•In the meantime we want to show one by one airplanes to lift from sky and if our demands were not we will be exploding them in sky. So we asked the passengers bound to Manila first. We asked them to get boarded. We are showing one of our team member is getting on board with his parachute and a bag of explosive. He will set explosives timing in sky and jumps from the airplane.

•This way we being able to send several airplanes to fly with passengers.

•In the meantime we find the terrorists fall asleep. They are arrested while they are in deep sleep. Our team mate, the Doha Airport staff member has done a major part.

My gratitude to all members of our team for your bravery for rescue people caught up in terror, and your dedication to protect people from terrible circumstances.

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