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This site presents potential new technologies for entrepreneurs & investors to recognize and use in their business activities.

Our vision is to involve consistantly in research, development, product design and submit technical proposals to companies as well as enterprenuers engaged in industies and product development willing to expand their horizon with these innovative products. Also we deliver simple and powerful technology solutions to meet your specific requirement. You name it, we have it!

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Aircraft propulsion by magnetic levitation

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The new technology of wheel is an assembly in combination of a rim, inflatable inner tire and a protective outer tire. The outer tire is having a tread profile and fitted snugly over the inflatable inner tire and its two shoulders on outer edges are fastened to the rim circumference by plurality of flexible linkages with tensioners at equal intervals symmetrically.

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Impulse type wind turbine

The verticle axis impulse turbine delivers higher power than the horizontal axis wind turbine. Cost of manufacture reduces to 1/4th of the standard wind turbine.

Low head Hydro power generation

Hydro power generator

To facilitate the pressure pipeline inside the reservoir, a channel is excavated to extend the pressure pipe line in horizontal direction, if the reservoir bed is steep and intake level is dropped near the dam. This way existing hydro power generators having short penstock lengths can be improved by providing additional pipe length inwards to the reservoir from intake.

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