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apple-touch- IconOur vision is to consistently engage in research, development, and product design, and submit technical proposals to companies as well as entrepreneurs involved in industries and product development, who are looking to expand their horizons with innovative products. We also provide simple and powerful technology solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whatever you need, we've got you covered! These new technologies are within your reach.

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  • New propulsion system using electro-magnetic thrusters

    Electromagnetic thruster In the world of transportation, there is no doubt that electromagnetic thrusters will be the game-changer of the future. With the ability to operate on roads, off-road, on water, in the sky, and even in outer space, electromagnetic_thrusters are set to revolutionize the way we travel. By connecting to a source of electrical power, these thrusters can generate the most efficient thrust and move payload with ease, making them vastly superior to any other propulsion device. It's time to embrace the future of transportation with electromagnetic thrusters.






  • Aircraft propulsion by magnetic levitation

    This aircraft driving technique uses linear motors featuring electromagnetic thrusters to propagate in the sky.The wings are made horizontal and flat consisting slats, able to turn in vertical and horizontal directions electromechanically.

    Sky craft

  • Wheel with outer tire

  • Wheel with outer tire

    The new technology of wheel is an assembly in combination of a rim, inflatable inner tire and a protective outer tire. The outer tire is having a tread profile and fitted snugly over the inflatable inner tire and its two shoulders on outer edges are fastened to the rim circumference by plurality of flexible linkages with tensioners at equal intervals symmetrically.

  • Impulse type wind turbine

    Vertical axis wind turbine

    The vertical axis impulse turbine delivers higher power than the horizontal axis wind turbine. The cost of manufacture reduces to 1/4th of the standard wind turbine. It has turbine blades spinning around their axis while orbiting around the central shaft vertically positioned on a horizontal rigid basement.

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