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Sri lanka patent application LK/P/20403

This is a method of connecting wire loops as a coil and manufacturing for electromagnetic energy conversion, joining two leads of multiple of curved wire loops between pair of parallelly positioned electrically conductive receptacles, to be function as an electromagnetic coil with two terminals from which connection is made to external electrical circuitry.

This wire loops may include a plurality of turns in layers whose terminals connected to two receptacles, while maintaining a narrow gap of insulation barrier between each other.
Such combination of wire loops can be used in place of coil windings in motors, generators, transformers, magnetic levitation and any other device using electromagnetic effect.
Advantages are it generates low heat, lesser resistance to current flow, short lengths of coils

Inventor is looking for partners and collaborators for manufacture and commercialize. Pl. contact




So that

If we have 100 loops with 1 Ohm resistance in each loop

using conventional winding method total resistance of the coil will be 100 Ohms

using new technology the total resistance of the coil will be 0.01 Ohms.


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