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Build your own Lateral Axis Wind Turbine

This wind turbine manufacture doesn't involve complicate designs for the blades, making it simple to the constructuctor. we can use locally availble materials and lightness of the selected material are not considered.

Main components of the wind turbine:
1. Main shaft; 2. Turbine blades; 3. Turnable mount; 4.turbine mast; 5. control bar; 6. Yaw control; 7. Yaw arm; 8.pivot arm; 9. Yaw control; 10. Gearing; 11. power generator; 12. casing for motors; 13. Power transfer gear; 15. extension tips; 16 Cam Contour profile; 17.hubs on bearings; 18. Nacelle

At present we supply and install wind turbines on roof slabs at height not less than 30 ft. (10 Meters) provided that the surrounding free from obstacles for wind for 100 ft. radius. The price is us$ 1000+ delivery charges. It is capable of generating average 15 Amp at 12 volts. This wind turbine will deliver uninterrupted power supply of 1/4 kW when it is coupled with an inverter

Materials used for the Wind turbine :

Mast : Hot dip galvanized Iron, Turbine blades : Zink Alum Sheets , Main shaft : Steel

Designed & invented by Leelananda Jayasuriya

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