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Tire with Outer Rim

New wheel technology; Tire made puncture free with extended service life

The new technology is a method of positioning air cushion away from road surface, inwardly in radial direction towards the axel from road surface, maintaining the tread layer as a detachable and replaceable component. It is like the road profile wraped around the tire. It doesn't have any adverse effect either on vehicle or passengers and goods. This new concept of modern wheel is environment friendly and saving consumption of disposable rubber. It refines existing wheel technology of combination of a tire mounted over the rim. The disposable part in this wheel is only the outer tread layer and it is not the entire tire subjected to wear. The cost of tread belt will be less expensive compared to the replacement of entire tire.

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Fig.1 - Wheel with outer Rim.

Sri lanka Presidential award winner for best invention in transport section

"ORIM" is a new tire technology minimizing the consumption of rubber material while saving the vehicle maintenance cost. Undoubtedly this is an ideal substitute for large size tires presently applicable in off-road vehicles, trucks carrying heavy loads, dumpers and tractors. With this technology we can reduce the consumption of rubber to a greater extent.

Tire manufacture is a tedious and slow process involving lot of time and skilled labor. To avoid frequent demand of tires replacement, we are introducing a replaceable tread layer over the tire outer profile. When the tread layer is worn out, it is replaced with a new tread layer over the periphery of the tire without dismounting the tire from the vehicle,  just lifting the wheel position.

With this new technology, the portion that is subjected to wear will be the tread layer around the wheel outer periphery. This way the tire will prevent damaging by road hazard during its maneuver on ground.

When the tire is worn out the standard practice is to replace the tire or repair the tire by vulcanizing process. Both of these actions involve the cost of removal of the entire tire, wasting materials and time. But with new technology the outer profile is made as a disposable component, enabling to replace the tread layer without removing the entire tire.



New tire technology

Wheel assembly

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Modern Tire technology Patent certificate

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Tire and rim combination

The most of present wheels are designed to accommodate break drum or disk brakes to position within the wheel space. The new wheel arrangement is having a rim with a smaller diameter compared to conventional tire. Therefore the new arrangement has to give priority to meet present requirements of accommodating brake components within wheel space.

However the popularity of up-sizing wheels has risen to the point that most vehicle manufacturers offer provisions for upsizing wheels. Therefore modern vehicles have been designed to accept a wider range of wheel sizes. By downsizing the rim, using a low profile tire and taking the advantage of provision in wheel well for upsizing, the available wheel hub and brakes can accommodate new wheel technology without any problem.

Tire typeThus a rigid hoop member is braced over the tire and a tread belt is fitted over the hoop member. So that tire is protected damaging due to road hazard. The tread belt can be replaced when it is worn out. With this latest tire technology, tires will remain as long as your vehicle.

Inventor : Leelananda Jayasuriya

Patents granted in Sri Lanka: Patent#16479

According to new technology, the tire is produced with additional two beads towards the outer periphery of the tire which is supposed to be the inner tire. An outer tire is fitted overlapping the protrutions on either sides aforesaid two beads situated closer to outer periphery of the inner tire to grip with the pair of beads of the outer tire. Thus the outer tire is the protective cover for the inner tire and it is replaceable.

Tire with replaceble tread layerModern tire Tite cut section

A pair of beads towards the outer perimeter of the inner tire is imposed instead of the treaded layer of the pneumatic, inner tire. A circular band of treaded rubber belt, having a pair of beads on either sides is reinforced with steel belting with other materials, is introduced to grip the outer beads of the inner tire so that the outer tire belt provides the contact area with the road.
Inner tire proves cushioning effect while outer tire belt provide the as the tire hits bumps in the road.

New tire assembly

Puncture free tire





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