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Uni directional gear drive

This is a gear box applicable to convert bi-directional motion in to uni direction. It is capable of operating at very high speed oscillations up to 3000 rpm. Also cable of operating at varying amplitudes to generate uni direction motion from a disturbed wave patern and convert swings to rotary motion. Therefore applicable as a ocean wave power generator , and as an oscillations converter for internal combustion process. There is a tremendous amount of energy available with natural sources without being able to make use of it without having suitable device the turn in to usable mechanical power. This uni directional gear fulfill this gap.

Uni directional gear drive3way engagement unigear1.JPG (56574 bytes)

Application of Uni directional gear as an Ocean wave generator

It is a long time favorite idea, that the reciprocating motion of a straight rod connected to a floating body is capable of taking up power of ocean waves as mechanical power. Then this power is available as oscillatory motion. But the problem met in harnessing this power is that the amplitude of this oscillatory motion is variable. This problem is overcome by application of unidirectional gear. By connected the floating body with a straight rod oscillations are taken up by a rack and gear and pinion wheel combination. The pinion wheel meshing with rack of gears will turn clock wise and anti clock wise. This by directional movement is then converted by unidirectional gear resulting continues rotary motion of a shaft, thereby capable of running a electricity generator.


Unidirectional gear  with alternator

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