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Wonderful Biosphere

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Trees are spiritual, they can talk with us.

what we hear in legends and fairy tales are true in a certain way.

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It is my moral obligation to announce to public that trees having ability to communicate with other living beings, because I have experience some trees talked with me. I have talked with trees such as BO, banyan, orchid, TreesMagnolia champaca, anthurium. When I was a child, my friends were trees and animals in many instances. I talked to them and I hear someone is answering back to me. But when I grow up I also had to give up the idea like others, because we see no way of making sound by trees and animals like people do.

But when I carefully analyze many incidents I can assume animals and trees are using intelligence to communicate with others. When I talk with animals and trees, I am assuming they all have life and spiritual existence. I didn't care what would be the result, but I did it. After so many incidents now I can declare it is possible to communicate with animals and trees. They are having life with ability of communicating with others. Also they have the ability of thinking.

Spiritual treeSome trees are living for centuries of years. If trees are living beings, living for centuries is a quality of having experience, knowledge, good judgment and the quality of being wise. Trees experience all climatic changes and life changes around it. Sacred trees and groves are found all over the world. All lives including man, animal and trees are permeated with soul and spirit.

Many spiritual masters attained their wisdom under trees. These trees would have communicated with them to achieve higher level of intelligence and wisdom.

Ones I was employed by Associated newspapers ( News paper Company) as their project engineer at Anuradhapura (The ancient holy city) for the construction of a building. There, I had plenty of time to visit various shrines including the holy Bo tree.

So I chosen my time to visit these places when these shrines were least populated. Once I went near the Bo tree, I heard someone was talking with pain that he had being imprisoned by steel cages, and looking for relief. I heard the voice that he is asking me to come near to him. I thought this could be a punishment given by the disciplinary council of Buddhist priests to one of disobedient priest, by imprisoning behind the Holy Bo tree. (Usually such thinks are not done, by the Buddhist council to their members). So I promised the voice, that I will rescue him and searching him I went around the Bo tree. But there was nobody. I said there is no body I can see. The voice is again telling me to come near the tree. I tried to go closer to the Bo tree, and found it was protected from all sides. I told the Holy tree that it is not possible to come closer to it. Then the Bo tree said there are others like him (the Bo tree) same, around him and to go under one of them. So I tried that also. These trees also protected around with various worshipping items. And I found other Bo trees near vicinity and spent some time under them.
On a latter day I informed the in charge Buddhist priest what I experienced when I come near this tree and told him that the Holy Bo tree doesn’t like protective fences this way.

You may notice that once LTTE terrorists have attacked worshipers gathers near this holy bo tree. This was a brutal incident. But the trees made this incident possible public to see, by dropping a branch on the camera and the terrorist left the land without having the recorded video with them.


How do trees talk :

Recently myself with two others visited a distant place and on our way back, the friend who driven the car said he feel bit sleepy, and he told two of us to rest about half an hour until he get a nap in his driver seat. We said OK and I got down from the car, moved bit away from where we parked, while other two were in the car. In this area trees were grown on two sides of the road and shelter was available under trees.

There I explained the trees that they also can talk with people and told the trees to use their ability to talk with me, I shall bring it to awareness of people that trees can talk with people. I told, now the human race have realized the value of nature and trees, and I continued talking to trees assuming they can understand it.

I didn't get any response from trees, and I was enjoying the breeze and resting under trees. After some time I heard someone telling to me " May be others are about to go, They will talk to you now."

So I went back towards our car and one of my friends now telling me, " It is good that you came back, we were about to call you to continue our jurney."

I asked them did you then called me. They said no. But they said they were intended to call me. There was nobody at the vicinity also.The trees have talked with me.

Talking hedge plants

Talking hedgesSomebody has gathered cut down tree branches near the memorial of my farther, which was surrounded by hedges. One hedge plant was down under the heap of cut down branches. To clear the area I removed these wood, and suddenly the hedge plant that was down could come up and straightened. Nobody was at the surrounding. but I could hear somebody talking, "Look, you guys, You told that I would never get up. See now, I got up." I could clearly hear this expression and I was shocked by what I heard. Goose bumps appeared on my arms and hair straightened. I thought it could be a ghost. But later considering the sequence of events I realized that the hedge plant talked to other plants. I recently visited this place again to take a photo of this plant, it was removed by someone, but its neighbor plant was still there. I added it's picture here.These plants are now 20 years old or more now.


Life saving Grass Land

I went on a long journey by my motorcycle. On the way I had my lunch and continued my journey. After some time I felt drowsiness that I cannot ride the motorcycle any more. As an alternative I thought I should have a cup of tea and I was riding any further searching for a shop to get a tea.

I continued moving on and I heard someone saying "He should be a good person, he is about fall down. Is there anybody to protect him?" I heard someone telling." Not to worry. I am here to fall down over me. He will be safe" I heard another says. Then suddenly I was skipped over the motorcycle and felt down on a grass terrace.

While I continued riding I felt asleep. Like in a dream I heard this conversation between trees and grass land. When my road turns on a curve I was riding straight while I was in sleep. The place I felt down was a grass land, and I was safe, thank to the grass land.

We are living in a wonderful biosphere where trees and animals can talk with us. These living organisms support each other with tenderness and care to other living beings.

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Note :
On everything discussed in this publication I establish the supremacy of the creator; His dominance on all creations.
Creator, the supreme god, is the only existence. There is nothing other than the creator. He created everything within him. 

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