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Time is an imaginary concept

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Time doesn't exist in reality. It is a man made concept. Time defines the expenditure, in relation to spins of earth. Time is made for measuring the expenditure.

Time does not flow. But events take place one after the other or with respect to another sequence. We count number of events with respect to spins of the standard object, "earth".

The term time involves the rate of change of events.

If everything that exists in the universe maintains a state of cessation there will be no time. To introduce the factor "time" we should have at least one moving object. To form universe, time is not required as a part of its structural substance or as an energy form. The term time involve the rate of change of events. "Time" used to quantify the flow of events or energy; being expressed as a numerical value multiplied by earths' spins. Therefore the term "Time" involves the rate of change of events with respect to spins of planet earth.

Time 0 (zero) was assumed as 2000 x 364.25 spins backwards on date 2000 January 01, 0.00 Hr. at Greenwich, according to convention. Also there are other conventions for measurements of time and fixing the occurrence of events such as Lunar calendar, Persian calendar, Hindus calendar, Hebrew calendar etc.

Therefore, we have given a meaning for the sequence of events taken place, and to compare the duration and intervals using the "Time"concept. This way, time is a concept generated by human civilization. Before that there was no time.

Let there be an observer stay at an absolute location, in space. So he will see the entire universe is in motion. Earth is spinning around itself, while our galaxy is moving in.

Therefore, we can create a link for an object moving in the universe, in terms of distance traveled by it, in relation to spins of earth. This link is called time.

Moving earth

Accordingly, time is expressed in terms of relative motion between earth and the concerned object or particle system. Time represents number of revolution of earth. It is having a forward direction or backward direction, depending on whether we are concerning about future or past. This way the term "present" doesn't represent time. It is the an instant in the state of cessation.

 A bean plant will complete its life cycle during 42 revolutions of Earth. The day on Saturn is between 10 and 11 Earth hours long. Therefore a man living on Saturn will observe a bean plant live 100 days. Depending on its metabolism a plant can sprout; develop and flowers; reproduce; and eventually losses its ability to grow. This process has taken place one after another; not within a time frame.

Further earth and moon are orbiting around a common center of mass while earth moving around sun.

Thus time does not exist and there is no beginning and end to existence of the creator. If we imagine a factor called time we have given it a beginning yet end has not confirmed by ourselves.

When time is an imaginary concept, trying to find a relationship between space and time is not possible by giving a space time geometrical shapes to universe. Time is supposed to be a repeated count of earth's spins, assuming earth's revolutions are uniform and standard; not effected by other objects when we count time.

Similarly, there cannot be slowing down or acceleration of time other than the particles we are concerned slowing down or accelerating.



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