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Electromagnetic thruster

Applicable to all vehicles propelling on the ground, rails, in water, in the sky, and in outer space. All future vehicles will be driven by thrusters.


Thruster without direction controls Electromagnetic Thruster  verticla lay

Electro magnetic thruster without direction controls (Horizontal lay)
Electro magnetic thruster without direction controls (vertical lay)

Thruster outlook

Electro magnetic thruster with direction controls (Vertical lay )

Patent App :LK/P/1/22948- Sri lanka

This electromagnetic thruster is applicable to drive all vehicles on the ground, sea, and in sky and it has particular utility in the propulsion of space vehicles.

It constitutes an identical pair of linear motors performing a back-and-forth cycle, mounted each on a rotary motor running on half-circle steps. The pair combination of linear motors and rotary motors is placed apart on the vehicle body and when power is supplied, two linear motor armatures move in back and forth cycle along associated stator arms, rotating with accompanied rotary motor armature in opposed directions to each other in unison, to generate reactive force by linear motor armatures on their stators, thereby on the vehicle. Means are provided to control direction and speed.

The following areas are those in which the invention is possible in application:

  • Elevators for passengers, goods, and car lifts;
  • Vehicles traveling on rails as well as on inclined conveyors;
  • Automobiles traveling on roads and off roads including cars, motorcycles, and vehicles for public transport and vehicles transporting goods;
  • Earth moving machines including excavators and boring machines;
  • Wearable device for pleasure walking & riding;
  • Vehicles moving in waters including boats, ships, and submarines;
  • Air vehicles including helicopters and airplanes;
  • Vehicles used to explore and travel in outer space including launch vehicles, satellites, and rovers.Thruster with direction controls


In particular, some advantages of the present invention are as follows:

  • Propellers can arrange not to be exposed to the environment or medium through which the vehicle has to pass through, so that they don’t get damaged by the contents and conditions of the medium.
  • Using the new thruster, the vehicle is operated by electrical power, generated by any power generating source, chosen from a wide range and also could be altered.
  • Strokes are generated by the linear armatures and they can produce high power.
  • The technology uses common materials that are commercially available, reducing cost, risk and lead time
  • The present invention applicable in spacecraft propulsion is capable of generating thrust without the expenditure of propellant. Also, it needs a very small space to accommodate and it can propel using solar power and stored power sources.
  • The appearance of present vehicles may not change, it will be only an addition of a pair or more dish-shaped or tire-shaped objects, visible or hidden, mounted horizontally or vertically on pivots.
  • This device can impose pressure without aid of an interactive base device. So that it can be applied in civil engineering activities such as digging tunnels, excavating trenches, drilling holes, earth excavation, earth moving, mining & in oil exploration.
  • Motor vehicles can drive without gear box, clutches and brakes, resulting simplicity and lightness of the vehicle, whereas these functions are providing by the thruster itself.
  • Aircrafts don't require runaways to take off and land, since thrusters don't use airflow to ascend, descend, or cruise. Using thrusters airplanes become VTOL type. Helicopters do not require rotor blades anymore when electromagnetic thrusters are installed.
  • People can fly like birds wearing small-scale electromagnetic thrusters. Also, it can use to walk and glide on ground surface, by attaching to the body as a wearables.

Electromagnetic Thrusters Download for details

We believe all future vehicles will be driven with thrusters.

The inventor is looking for an entrepreneur/investor to commercialize this product.

For more details: Please contact at leel6391@yahoo.com or leel6391@ljindustries.com.

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