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Universe is not expanding. It is contracting


The brief answer is: Celestial bodies attract each other trying to unify.(Click here for slide show)

Proof: We can see stars with planets spinning around them and galaxies in spiral shapes with the  tendency to wind-inwards.

The big bang theory is an attempt to explain how the universe developed from a dense state into present state. It doesn't explain what initiated the creation of the universe. The Big Bang is explained using the astronomical observations, of signals and rays receiving in our direction. If any radiation going inwards to a galaxy, we cannot see it, we don’t observe it. Because, all apparatus developed so far to observe astronomical objects are based on the reception of light, heat or electromagnetic radiation in to the observer. Even the human eye is made to observe light signals coming towards eye. Based only on such observation it is unreasonable to say everything came out of a Big Bang. But we are gifted with additional sense; the reasoning ability of our brain to think of other possibilities.

Human knowledge based on signals & data coming towards observer. But there can be signals going towards objects in space that attract both particles and rays. A clear example of such situations is black holes.

Explosions can take place from time to time throughout the universe, each expansion followed by a contraction. What we can observe is emissions from an expansion, but we cannot see absorptions in to an entity or its center.

Our Universe had a beginning. Before it spring into material existence, it was in the form of energy of a singularity, a singularity zone that defies our current understanding of physics. Religions define this ultimate singularity as the creator.
Our universe could have precipitated from infinitely small particles in to materials and then in to gravitational bodies.
We know, when the electrons are excited, they emit energy of various wavelengths. All the particles are in the form of energy if we look into structure of atom.  Atoms are the smallest fraction of an element that still showing the characteristics of elements. Scientists visualize atom as consists of nucleus with protons and neutrons surrounded by electrons.

If we look into structure of atom, all find the particles are in the form of energy.  We know, when the electrons are excited, particles emit energy of various wavelengths.

Besides, another thing also can happen.

Due to attraction between celestial bodies our solar system is shrinking. Under this situation all our measuring instruments and its' size also contracting including the size of a meter rule. But our memories will remain same about its original size. These circumstances should be experienced if you visit again to a location you have visited long time ago, like five years before, ten years or so. You will see these places unbelievably smaller than what you have now in memory, causing a heart break sensation that those places have become smaller at an alarming rate, being embarrassed for previously having a gigantic size in memory about your much loved sight.
Under such situations, enormous and panoramic sceneries, mammoth structures and monuments could be turned to small models and replicas of the same thing you have stored in your memory. Then what will happen to gravity, mass, density and such measurement units? The explanation is same as for the concept of expansion of universe. These also under expansion or contraction, that we cannot measure the changes. Thus as we can notice each galaxy is in spiral shape. It means all the celestial bodies are spiraling and absorbing in to the center of each galaxy. Same way each planetary system is spinning around the stars. Each star attracts planets orbiting around them including our sun; bringing the planets gradually towards each star.

So, if it is true for our planetary system the earth also gradually getting closer to Sun. It results global warming, expansion of carbon dioxide content, depreciation of ozone layer. Also it results the increasing the number of asteroids falling on earth, annually; Sun become brighter than before. NASA space data indicates Meteor fireballs are increasing dramatically. Surface water content on the earth will be diminished in quantity. Humidity of atmosphere will increase. Anyway, all these are taking place at present.

So, this is also a situation we shouldn't ignore.

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