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Vertical Take off & Landing (VTOL) Sky Craft

Sky craft

Hovering at low attitude as well as landing and taking off without a runaway was a long time need in aircraft designing and manufacture.

The new sky craft is having safe landing feature in an emergency and this is even safer than an automobile and lesser fuel consumption compared to the fuel expenditure between start and destination points.

The designs and fabrications of experimental model are unerway in our laboratories.


Sky craft is maneuverable at very low attitude. So that it is having an important military requirement.

Vertical take off and landing

Optimization at low attitudes

Helicopters are having essential vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities and landing on almost any flat surface, for numerous operations. VTOL aircraft technology also continues advances on these features.
We are now designing and experimenting with a new idea of a sky craft capable of hovering at law attitudes and landing on any ground surface without runaway and almost on a roof top or on a garden space. This air craft can maneuver along a short cut to the destiny. With this advantage we believe you can substitute a sky craft for an automobile. .

Affordable Air craft

Sky craft is mostly a personal vehicle capable of travelling in sky for short distances without requiring a runaway and roads. Our first models to be build using 250 cc motor cycle engine. It has no propeller blades, nor jet propulsioin.

Vertical take off and landing


You may not be able to afford an automobile, but you be able to own a skycraft.

This technology differs from helicopters, airplanes, jet planes and flying cars

For more information contact: Leelananda Jayasuriya : E-mail : leel6391@yahoo.com Phone : 0094 112915390Leelananada Jayasuriya

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