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Hi! I am Leelananda Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka; an innovator and engineer engaged in research & development to industrial products.Leelananda Jayasuriya

Some of these products are prototypes, some are at development stage and looking for an entreprenuer or business firm any where in the globe to make use these products commercially

|Home Page | Multi storied car park |Walking machine| |Modern IC engine| |Water purification | One directional gear| Wave power generation| New 3D technology | New wheel technology | An electricity generator | Power with low hydraulic head| |gait wheel | |Auxiliary brake ||Wind Turbine | |Modern air craft | |Wearable Technologies| |Humanoid|

How to contact me : Phone : 0094 11291 5390 Mob: 0094 7722 36621 Email :

338, Kandy Road, Kelaniya, Sri Lanaka

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