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The purpose of life

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What we should do during our life

To make our lives worthwhile to ourselves, to the society , and to give a meaning to life also to uplift our soul that doesn’t leave us after this life, there's a simple thing we have to do.

It is : Do good things always, being honest to yourself.

For example dress nicely. It is good. Stay happy . It is good. Be kind toward others. It is good. Be grateful to your world and nature. It is good.

Generally speaking you know what is good and what is bad. Be honest to yourself.

Prevent someone doing bad things. It is good.


We have to live the life, enjoy the life, investigate the life, find a meaning for our life.

....Our purpose of living as a human beings is to enrich our soul and mind by doing good deeds, and gaining rightest knowledge to uplift our soul, that will not leave us at the end of this life .....................

..... to be continued ......

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