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The new internal combustion engine

internal combustion engine   Construction of IC engine with oscillating shaft (enginewos)

IC Engine with Oscillating shaft (Enginewos)  incorporates :
1. Oscillations Generator and
2. Oscillations converter coupled by the Oscillating shaft.

Enginewos having is straight cylinders or semicircular chambers as working vessel

internal combustion engine Straight cylinder version

Two banks of cylinders symetrically located about the oscillating shaftIC engine

Assembly of IC engine

internal combustion engine Semicircular working barrel is employed in other version


1.Oscillations Generator :

Combustion cycle take place in this part and impart motion on oscillating shaft. Principle elements of this thermal power generator are working vessel, working head and the flap accommodating inside as shown in the cross section. The picture shown below is the working vessel in which oscillating shaft accommodates with two flaps fitted to it.

internal combustion engine See the four stoke cycle demonstration----

The cross section of the housing constitute a semicircular segment having cylindrical profile as shown in the drawing. Inside the housing a flap can oscillate about the axis of the shaft which is fitted to the flap. The flap is movable slidably with respect to walls of the housing, thereby defining two working chambers in centrally divided housing.

The engine headprovide seals between two working chambers. Intake ports & exhaust ports are operated by valves from overhead cam shafts. Oscillations generated, due to thermal cycle with this arrangement conveyed to the oscillations converter coupled by the oscillating shaft.

2.Oscillations converter

*Oscillations conveyed by the oscillating shaft are converted in to continues rotary motion by  mechanical means.  Therefore power in continues rotary manner is available at power take off shaft.

Uni directional gear

This device is published under Patent Corporation Treaty and Downloadable here as a .pdf file

Uni directional gear drive3way engagement unigear1.JPG (56574 bytes)


internal combustion engine view the construction of oscillations converter

The Four Stroke Diesel Engine

The working vessel is having two separate compartments as shown in the figure. The oscillating shaft passes through the central axis of the working barrel to carry the two flaps, mobile within each working chamber.

internal combustion engine  view the assembly of flaps & 0scillating shaft

Assembly of oscillations generator shown here. The pair of flaps accommodate the two working spaces created by the combination of working barrel and engine head fitted over it. Oscillations generate due to combustion cycle taking place inside working chambers, and impart motion them on this shaft. The shaft fitted to two flaps convey oscillations to ratchet wheel Click here to see the latest construction


This pictures depicts the perspective view of the combination of oscillating shaft two flaps, attached with the driving components for transmitting motion to continues rotary motion On the oscillating shaft. next to each ratchet wheel, a gear wheel is mounted freely on bearings,  accompanied by shuttle comprising a set of spring loaded pawls fitted on projected flanges, engaging the ratchet wheels. As shown, two sets of spring loaded pawls are engaging with ratchet wheel to transfer the swings of both directions. Each attachment of set of pawls are accompanied with a gear wheel, running freely on oscillating shaft & coupled to another gear to transfer it's motion. Next to each ratchet wheel, a gear wheel is mounted freely on oscillating shaft. These gear wheels are accompanied a set of spring loaded pawls placed on projected flanges, engaging the ratchet wheels as shown below. >The oscillations on ratchet wheels are independently turned in to continues rotary motion and are brought to a single output shaft.

It is found in operation the amplitude of these oscillations should be controlled to get the required performance. Therefore the pinion, fitted at the end of oscillating shaft is engaging with a rack of gears attached to a connecting rod. The connecting rod is coupled to a freely driven crank gear, permitting the pinion and the shaft to oscillate within a defined amplitude.

Crank gear for Enginewos

Merits of Oscillator Engine compared with conventional engine

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