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Objectives of this web site and the LJ industries (SL) is bring to awareness of the public about products created by the author, his philosophy and special events on his journey through life.

Our philosophy :

Made simple for everybody to understand

Every thing including mater, energy, concepts, space are taken together and considered as a single unit.

We designate this unit as him ( the creator). The creator exists as an uncaused First Cause ultimately responsible for the creation of everything including the universe, energy and feelings. This way, creator created every thing within him and nothing else exists other than the creator.


  • Time is an imaginary concept. It is not expending. We count number of events with respect to spins of a standard object, "earth".
  • All matters are spots of concentrated energy.  Light is a form of energy radiation like heat, magnetism. It can travel only a certain distance from the source it emits.

    There should be a type of smallest energy particle, where the boundary between particle and energy cannot be divided. Thus all sub atomic particles including light, heat and other type of energies are a combination of these energy particles. Also energy appears always as particles in motion, while they are at rest, considered to be in the form of matter.

    Creation generated imbalance. Imbalance generated flow. Creator is existing and he controls the flow. The flow is in form of motion, radiation, gravitation, magnetism or any other form either we can capture by our senses or not. Every thing is under his control.

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