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Matter & motion

   Physical materials are combination of molecules. Molecules are combination of atoms. Atoms are consisting nucleus surrounded by electrons moving in an elliptical path. Due to the movements around atom it will not be attracted in to the nucleus. Every single atom forms a sphere due to elliptical path over different geometrical planes. If energy is imposed on an atom (or agitated by external force) movements of electrons will increase with the increase of accommodating space. To hold the electrons any further by the atom energy will release from atom as heat, light and any other forms. When the external force is released the atom will absorb energy again from surrounding.

Matter is available in three forms namely solid, liquid and gases. Gasses are having freedom to move escaping its bounds. Liquids can move within its bound but cannot escape its bound without an external force. Solids cannot move its molecules within its boundaries.

Further in to matter and energy we shall deal with the quantum theory with a different aspect:

1. Quantum theory assumes Energy is not continues; it comes in discrete small units

2. Einstein developed there is no boundary between material and energy.

Therefore we assume :

There will be type of smallest energy particle, where the boundary between particle and energy cannot be divided.

During formation of an atom, sub atomic particles move towards the center of atom. Due to the attraction from the center these particles are not capable of escaping the gravitational field of the atom, so that they are orbiting around the atom. They can be moving in elliptical path. Amount of sub atomic particles it can hold, are limited depending the mass of the atom. In this case we count electrons are as energy particles.

The gravitational potential  at a point in the gravitational field is defined as the work done in taking a unit mass from that point to infinity against the force of gravitational attraction.

From the definition, we haveFormula 3

Thus energy spent on joining two energy particles is equal to the work done by the force attracting each other that can be given in following equation where m is the mass of energy particle and the distance between two particles is "r". Where µ is an universal gravitational constant.attraction between two massesTherefore the energy spent on bringing a particle close to the center ismatter or an approximation to infinity. This is the energy required to depart two particle. It proves that when an atom is broken apart it emits a large amount of energy and it is known as nuclear explosion.Neuclear exoplosion


All movements in the universe are due to Attractions (Contraction) and repulsion.(Expansion) .

 Examples :

Basic principle of motion

As shown in the first example, the load moves to front due to the expansion & contraction of the body muscles of the man. In the second example expansion of gasses results the turning of the crank shaft. Therefore vehicles are moving on the road due to expansion and contract taking place somewhere. Expansion of a rod due to heat is also a result of attraction and repulsion. If we inquire further in to molecular structure the rod, distance between molecules getting expanded.  

Exansion and contraction resuls due to attraction and repulsion between materials and bodies.

This way if we analyze any movement in the universe it is due to Attractions and repulsion.

Therefore this basic principal is obvious to the general knowledge.

When a small particle moves very close to a surface of a large body, attractive forces imposed by particles of the large body will act extensively on it, preventing escape from the larger one, making bounds with it. This phenomenon can easily be understood assuming both masses are consisting same materials and larger mass is   "n" times larger than small mass.

This geometrical construction further giving us the explanations about surface tension and formation of layers in liquids and gasses :


field_stength.JPG (36870 bytes)Thus birds those are flying high enjoy lesser gravitational force.

Also, an aircraft flying at higher attitude will experience lesser gravitational pull. Therefore, an airplane or helicopter landed at an airport built on a mountain clip will require lesser energy for takeoff and landing.

In this picture gravitational field  is indicated by the sphere around the airplane. When the airplane is at a higher attitude the intensity region is reduced.

This way if a pebble and boulder of same density are allowed to fall free from sky at the same time from same height; the boulder it will fall earlier than the pebble, due to higher gravitational intensity of it. Thus, particles of same density but with different sizes will reach ground at different periods of time. If you drop two steel balls one large and the other small, from sky at same time, the larger one will reach ground before the smaller one.

Therefore, what Aristotle told about two particles falling on ground is more accurate than what Galileo Galilei demonstrated on Pisa Tower.

comet.jpg (44492 bytes)

Usually movement of comets and asteroids obey this rule. Thus larger particles take the lead while smaller particles follow.





Space and beyond space

When the idea of space was born, something was available. Let us imagine we have the tiniest particle available in any form.

Then there is a region around it as the field of intensity. This region can be a magnetic field, a glow of light as a field of light, thermal field, region of concepts and thoughts or any other.

This is the space acquired by something and nothing beyond this region. So we can derive a definition for the space.

Beyond this region space is not available. Therefore space is having a limit and we cannot say space is limitless or endless. Further, we cannot enter in to nothing region even by thoughts, because thoughts also are something.

So that the space is having boundaries and limits.

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