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The internal combustion engine with Oscillating Shaft

IC engine

Enginewos latest development meet with engine developers' requirement of straight cylinder and piston. Oscillator internal combustion engine mechanism eliminates the problems associated with crank gear, It can claim higher efficiency, higher power, lighter weight, least starting effort, fuel saving in idle running, and miniature starting power source. These are the most essential requirements of an ideal internal combustion engine and special demands that cannot met with a conventional power generator. This arrangement is applicable as four stroke engine and two stoke engine as well.

Internal Combustion engine

Internal combustion engine

A typical construction of this internal combustion engine development consists two banks of cylinders arranged side by side. The pistons are connected with straight piston rods, having a pin on its' sterm to engage inside a groove provided at mechanical linkage. The mechanical linkage is a rigid rod in which the central point is fixed to oscillating shaft. The drive force of the piston is transmitted from piston rod to oscillating shaft through mechanical linkage.

Engine major components

Uni directional gearing 3 way

Details of Uni directional grear box

This new internal combustion engine generates 1.55 times higher power

Visit following pages to see Illustrations & animations on Oscillator engine

The engine mechanism comprises of oscillations generator and oscillations converter common to family of all internal combustion engnes with oscillating shaft as explaine in forgoing animations and illustrations.

Oscillation convertor in this typical disign is an unidirectional gear comprising two sets of pawl & ratchet mechanisms with three driving pawls symetrically located on each driven gear.

Oscillating shaft


Oscillator Engine is minimizing internal resistance to boost power and efficiency. It defines a technology to save fuel by more than 40%, confirming with results. The idea of creating oscillator engine is to find a method of transfer gas pressure force into driving force virtually without any loss

This engine helps in many folds to improve the efficiency and power.---viz.: