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Motorized Gait wheel combination for urban transport

and Robotic movements

Sporks as Foots

This light weight vehicle is saving the cost of tires. It has simple mechanism. No deferential is involved.

Similar to wheels of a two wheel tractor, a pair of hubs is mounted with spokes projecting out wards. Each front wheel hub is mounted with projected spokes with shoes to rest on ground alternatively when the axel is driven by engine, or traction motor.

So that it works like a rickshaw pulling by a person. The spokes are resting on ground alternatively. This action replaces the need of a deferential. Also this can travel on tough terrain, where road surface in not provided.

walking robot

This vehicle is simple in construction. Rear wheels are to maintain the balance and carrying the load. Riding comfort is achieved by proper application of shock absorbers & springs.

walking machine

As a gait for robotic locomotion: this vehicle is behaving like a combination of two legs with a pair of wheels

The pair of hubs is having number of spoked extensions that can step on ground alternatively. The robots' stability is maintained by the pair the freely driven wheels attached at rear. This robot is a hybrid solution which combines the advantages of legged and wheeled locomotion.It is capable to climb stairs and travel through rough terrain. Also energy efficient on hard surface, even at high speed. Steering is realized by the pair of porked wheels at front.

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