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    Motorized Gait wheel combination for urban transport

    Front left side gait wheel.Front right side gait wheel

    We are under construction

    Gait Wheel Combination

    This is light weight vehicle. Saving the cost of tires. Easy to control. It simple mechanism. No deferential is involved.

    Front two wheels are removed with gait mechanism. Each front wheel hub is mounted with projected spokes with shoes to rest on ground. Left and right spoke sets engage ground alternatively. This action replaces the need of a deferential.

    This is simple in construction. Front wheels are replaced with spoke sets that engage ground alternatively. Required riding comfort is achieved by proper application of shock absorptives. A roof and cover may be optional.

    This vehicle can travel on off roads and highways as well. The engine weight is loaded on front wheel. This will perform like a rickshaw, man pulled two wheeled cart. Weight is substantially reduced due to absence of deferential. This vehicle is do it yourself type. This can be powered even with single cylinder Diesel engine.



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    Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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