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Electric current is the flow of electrons.The unit we use to measure the flow of current is Ampere. One Ampere is equal to amperenumber of electrons passing though a conductor during one second. Further 1 Coulomb represents ampereelectrons.electricity

  • Flow of electricity follow the rule of Newton's cradle. It is valid for both direct and alternate current flows. Newton cradle is a device having combination of identical suspended metal balls touching each other inline a row. When you strike with one ball from either ends, the ball on the other end will move apart.

  • Same manner when electrons hit at one end of a conducting wire and a potential different is provided on the other end, the electrons will move to receive the source connected to the other end of the conducting wire. Flow of electricity is clearly demonstrated during lightning between clouds, cloud and earth or during arc welding.

  • With the resistance to the flow of electricity heat, light and electro magnetic field are generated by the conductor.

  • In this manner the electricity is a flow of electrons from a higher potential to a lower potential. Although we consider plus(+) and minus (-) there is no such plus/ minus or negative/positive in reality to flow electricity. It is only a potential difference required between two ends. Example: There can be an electricity flow between +24v and +12v.

  • lightning






Electro magnetic force

Investigation in to electro magnetic force can help us to find behavior of magnetism and gravitation. If we pass electricity along a straight wire, magnetism is produced around the wire.


 According to above stated analysis when an electron passes from one atom to another this magnetism radiates. It means emission of magnetism take place while moving the electron from previous atom to the next atom. This phenomena leads to further reasoning in to electromotive force, gravity and magnetic field are behaving as particles in space and medium. Electricity through a wire is a movement of electrons from one molecule or atom to another. When electricity passes in one direction heat particles, light particles, electromotive particles are emitting perpendicular to the electron flow.


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