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Three Dimensional visual technology - C3D

C3D is a new 3D visualization technology, you will be able to see it's first demonstrations in this web page.

The innovator : Leelananda Jayasuriya

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This innovation backed by an amazing discovery about  behavior of our eyes.

C3D technology breaks all barriers in 3D visualization.

C3D can regenerate all pictures, paintings, movies and cartoons created in the past in to 3D vision.

C3D can create with readily available software's. C3D technology is capable on generating 3d quality while the movie or picture is capturing with the camera.

C3D can view in your computer screen, television, mobile or any other  display system. To experience 3D with C3D technology you don't have to equip with new devices. You can see it in your ordinary TV or Theatre.  C3D technology is to see the  same way your visual perception directly observe  objects.

You can recognize  depth of a scene even with one eye. With C3D technology you will experience the same way you observe scenes  with naked eye. C3D technology identifies how we see thing in three dimensions, instead of seeing everything flat.

C3D doesn't require simulations  between different perspectives. This is a method and device for visualizing objects in three-dimensions via a projector or computer screen. No matter how the objects and scenes are available, C3D technology convert it to meet the behavior of eyes to accept as three dimensional.

Three Dimension is the impression of protruding effect on the screen. C3D is not inferior to any 3D display system claiming quality with expense. Quality of your available display system is sufficient to view 3 dimensional  with C3D technology.

Contact : Phone : 0094 112915390

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For more information contact : Leelananda Jayasuriya ( ) Phone : 0094 112915390


by Leelananda Jayasuriya. 09/22/2011