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Wheel with outer tire

The latest tire development ( SL Patents App.20922)

The wheel assembly is a combination of wheel rim, inflatable inner tire and protective outer tire. This wheel and tire assembly does not deviating existing manufacturing process or production method. The wheel assembly is a combination of inner tire and outer tire wherein the inner tire is pressed to rim while outer tire is tensed over the complete profile. Only the outer tire is needed to replace when it is worn out. The outer tire is inexpensive, saves tire materials while minimizing wastage. Outer tire
The inner tire is inflatable having its edge lips are fitted to rim edges sealing air between inner side of the inside tire while its' and outer surface is protected by outer tire. The outer tire comprises the trade layer attached with a ply strip and two shoulders connected with two beads on both sides. Further the outer tire is fastened to the rim circumference by plurality of flexible linkages with tensioners at equal intervals symmetrically. Thus, the outer tire is fitted snugly over the inflatable inner tire. The outer tire keeps the vehicle in contact with the road surface and protects the inner tire from damage and wear during propulsion and rest.


The outer tire comprises the treads profile, narrow carcass with ply layer, and two beads on both shoulders with minimized side walls. On shoulders, within the tread edge there provided accesses to hold spring loaded tensioners connected to the rim of the wheel. According to new technology, the wheel is produced with the inner tire and the outer tire. In such case inner tire may built without a tread profile.

Wheel with outer tire

The rim may provide with access to link holes in one side of the outer to other side of outer tire by tensioner cables to grip the outer tire tight. The linking tensioner cables may cross link holes in one side with the holes on the other side of the outer tire over the surface of the rim inner surface.


An alternative design of the same design:


The product is to be manufactured in a factory with a ply layer and two beads attached to the tread layer for best performance. We are looking for an entrepreneur or investor to finance to custom product manufacture.

Interested parties please contact the inventor at leel6391@yahoo.com


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