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Safer brake system

The brake system introduced herein is Auxiliary brakes, in additional to brake systems existing at present. This is an inboard braking system wherein the brakes are mounted on the chassis of the vehicles in addition to pedal brakes and hand brakes (emmergency brakes). This brake system prevents vehicle moving any further even in case of failure of brakes installs in wheel hubs. Axiliary brakes- Basic arrangement

This brake system can be installed at the aft end of output shaft of gear box, prior to universal joint. An advantage of this brakes is that the the brake drum of disk brake plate speed can be altered by gearing for the most suitable speed the brake should apply.

Brakes applied on wheels are acting on vertical planes along the direction of the vehicle is moving. If we introduce a brake system acting perpendicular direction of the travelling vehicle there will be a tendency to tilt the vehicle to left or right. So we have taken this situation in to consideration while designing the auxiliary brake that can apply to propeller shaft directly.

The propeller shaft is fitted with a bevel gearing to drive a short shaft along the transversal direction propeller shaft run, usually connected next to the gear box. This auxiliary shaft is then running on bearings and carries a brake device that will activate at the same time when the brake pad is pressed pressed by ther driver.

Auxiliary brakesbrake line diagram

Advantagously the Auxiliary brake levarge is extended to disengage the connection between engine and clutch.

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